Winter Sun Here We Come !!


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come on you dont think in cornwall we would pay for it do you.
remember i was born in yorkshire as well so possibly that makes me even more tighter,hee hee.
but never mind we might bring ack the highway men and have a border with england again as time goes by.
hand over your money and valuables as you enter , young ladies come in for almost free.


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wonder which camper stop she stops at. hee hee .
havnt seen her in the ones we stop at.
Reply to her Alan I'm sure she's very genuine,your wit,humour and good looks and personality are sure to be a winning combination. If your lucky she may arrive at yours with a bag of tools and dressed in a school uniform, if she does give me a ring.


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thats the way forwards.
might not be long now.
i,m lucky i have good looks, charm, a nice personality and not at all vain. hee hee.
might be able to find threepence to give her. or maybe some old pesetas or something.
might even have a few euro,s . after all they wont be worth much once we leave the eu.