where are you wintering ?


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git it now . just never had brain switched on ,.hee hee.
so long as you know .
many try to get into countries and dont seem to have any idea of the rules etc .
plus for alot of countries international driving licences needed or advised.
all depends where when you fancy going .
might need a visa to get into cornwall one day . ha ha .
mebyon kernow rules ......


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''might need a visa to get into cornwall one day . ha ha .''

^ hopefully then there'll be even more reason not to go lol


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lovely here . good surf , some nice snorkeling places . good fishing . just lately been on mackerel almost every night . beautiful scenery. ferry to france or spain only 30mins away.
i,m glad i live here and i,m happy to come back every year. mind can get busy in summer . 20x the population sometimes .
the secret is definately being happy.


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:cool: It's not totally 'Brr' in the UK over winter.
If you choose good locations you can be sheltered from the elements and stay quite toasty!
I chose a combination of Shropshire, Worcestestershire and Wiltshire, and stayed in that area over the wintry months. I admit I did have to take 'refuge' in sites for a few weeks whilst we were being battered by storms and suchlike, but it totally feasible to over-winter in the UK.
I reckon it's cost me an extra £100-£200 in pitch fees over the winter, but I had leccy and wicked showers!
I have to say though, I'm not a great fan of the heat, so I trust this doesn't colour your perceptions too much?
Hi, Do you have a favourite site you stay at for Christmas, as we will be starting out on the road end of September and like you we are not fans of the heat etc, so are looking towards Shropshire or Cotswolds area. Thanks