Where are they now?


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Sitting here in lockdown and feeling slightly bored I got to wondering what has become of some former regulars on the forum.

It seems even some top posters have not been seen for years now. Many others make one or two posts then disappear forever.

The forum is often very quiet these days.



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Possibly a number of reasons :wasntme: Some of the more senior members may retire from the lifestyle, newer members join to ask a particular question or questions, get the answer and disappear again, often without any response, even a thank you, kiss my arse or anything else. But I think it may also be advancement in technologies, forums were one way for People with similar interests to just have some social interaction, which is why a number still exist in one form or another, then Blogs became popular and people could choose who they interacted with on a more personal level. However, even these are now reducing in numbers as they become outdated and are now being replaced and overtaken by Vlogs. so I do not think their is anything sinister, just the world moving on I guess;)