s700 guy

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Hi can anyone advise me on new tyre choice for a s700 classic with 14 inch rims
Just noticed the fronts are 10 years old loads of tread left


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I had the same predicament a few weeks back.
I could not justify the extra £50 plus per tyre for a camping specific tyre,
I have 16 inch rims and fitted all 4 new.
So what I found was after choosing Toyo HO8 tyres ......you get a little more body roll on corners over camping tyres with the stiff sidewalls..... that's it.
If you choose toyo be careful as they have just brought out a summer HO8 tyre, you don't want that one ,you need the original tread.
I have driven commercial vehicles all my life so I knew the difference, you just drive as if its loaded top heavy.
You need the correct rate tyres for your max gross weight.
As for prices firms like Blackcircle tyres or Asda tyres are hard to beat.