thetford c260 toilet


hi guys,,i have a freind who lives in his caravan and some sod robbed his gas bottles,,he works for the nhs as a blue light driver,,i sorted him a new bottle and fitted it for him and ran a chain down under the axle to the bottle to stop that happening again,,whilst there he said his toilet will not open the disc by the lever at the front.on our old hymer we had a twist one that latched onto the cassette.has anyone had this happen or maybe suggest a fix...cheers all and stay safe and happy


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Spray on the cover and rubber ring around the cassette with using awning rail lubricant or similar, lease to soak over night, should be eased and usable.


hi thanks,,,went under the unit and the cog that turns the toilet was in a different position so cranked it around and all good..last time i fixed his fridge..and his gas hob,,,all in a good day,cheers


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