summer sun tour


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As far as i can find out you don't need anything for New Zealand if you have a British passport. No Carnet de Passage either, just needs to be clean.
I have been to NZ 3 times and never had a visa.
The caravan and motorhome club have or did have a reciprocation with membership to the nzma. I was hoping they still do as you need a "blue self contained certificate " stuck on the back along with the registration in the screen then you can park at New Zealand's vast free camping locations. They also have a huge campsite list (payable)
There are loads of types of visa's for Australia and I wouldn't know which to recommend. I am passed retirement age so mine is simple to find.
It don't matter how clean you get it for Australia from what I have found out they still want to do it themselves (at a cost)
Seabridge will sort out insurance , Ken Tame, Downunder Ins in Australia and still looking for NZ.
I have other details at home but won't be back for anther week or two.
My quote from them was a year or two ago and I put the dimensions in wrong (bigger than it was)


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Rough quote including insurance to take mine to Australia for 12 months from sea bridge. You can leave everything in the motorhome. From UK to any port in Aus.
Works on cubic mtrs.
Flights extra.
Eric.. BigMomma
A bit more detail for you after talking to a bloke from seabridge de [sorry forgot his name]
To New Zealand its $110per square mtr,
length x width x height x $110 = your price
plus 1150 euros port handling charge.
this is each way.
You can ship the motorhome fully equipped and loaded. Any sort of theft is very rare these days. though i would want some sort of lockable barricade between front and back.
3 sailings a month and takes between 5 and 8 weeks to get there.
As a comparison, change the $110 to 47 euros and a handling charge of 500 euros to get a price to east coast of Canada. [you can stay for 180 days without a visa] they started this service in April 2018 [ we fancied this as we have never been to the east coast]
quotes are from Liverpool to Auckland or Halifax
there are no import duties and no technical adjustments needed if staying for less than 12 months in North America
he reckoned it was best to get vehicle insurance in the country you go to , though they can get it.
quotes are for a RoRo service until late 2019

all we have is the local council holding us up......grrrrr


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i havent been a member here for too long, just read this post and have to say i enjoyed reading about your escapades in various places ... sounds fantastic ... makes me want to save even harder for MY van now .....:thumb:


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nice and sunny in cornwall at moment .
mind dare say it will soon be wet and cold.
never know cornwall might get independance then you will need a visa to cross the tamar


We're in Luxembourg at the moment, with another week to go before we need to head back to the UK. Current thinking is that we headed north far too soon though - should have stayed at least another week in the south of Spain as it's cold here!
It's nice here at.Ste Mariie la mer, good aire 6 euros, weather has improved for the better from being very wet and cold. No plans to move anytime soon