summer holiday


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It has been said to get paperwork at the port for the ferry .... not me Eric, it was on a site......
Currently on the ferry from Plymouth to Santander
Passenger locator form is a paper form
very confusing on website as it’s says you need a qr code YOU DONT
Originaly I tried filling it online and it asked for flight number
Brittany Ferries sent the paper form to us and they the have them in the port
Many thanks to Pauline lee who helped us on our way with lots of helpful advice
Please don’t criticises for travelling (you do you and I will do me)
I just wanted to post this for assistance for people who want to travel

Lucky buggers.... :D
We filled in the paper form last October when we went across, downloaded it on-line, completed it and handed it in as we departed the ferry, no problems. We have again downloaded the form, exactly the same as it was last year. We will also take hard copy documents that confirm our vaccination status, if you download these off the NHS App these do have QR Codes on them and the QR Codes are only valid for 28 days. However, if you get confirmation of your vaccination status from NHS in a letter format their is no expiry date on them. We will also take hard copy documents of our return ferry booking (in case they ask for proof). We have documented proof of our ownership of our bolt hole. Currently there are no quarantine requirements for UK citizens entering Spain, however, we continue to watch what is happening in case things change.
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