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Eric, you are going to have to talk to Sally next time we meet about Morocco.
We got fed up of the rain it the UK so we got on a plane and are now in Denmark , (prices just up a little with the uk on a whole) it's also very wet here..:( ...
Go on to 'You Tube' and type in the search bar for 'Eamon & Becs' Vlog. Look at the last 3-4 most recent We have just been speaking to some 'UK' Motorhomers parked up down on the beach near us. He was a bit wary of Morocco whilst 'She' was all for it. After our brief chat he was a bit more reassured and they are making their way down to Algeciras in a couple of days to buy the tickets and make their way to Tangier Med People have all sorts of fears, often without foundation, but if you speak to people who have been there, I bet there will be very few, if any, that say they did not enjoy their experience