Solar Panels


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Hi fellow motorhomers!! It's been a while but things have moved on.
It has come to the point that my daughter has finally found somewhere else to live :) (just need the documents to go through) which means we will be free to start our full-timing dream :thumb:

So, we were thinking about getting a solar panel......there a lots to choose from aren't there!!!
Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, lots of different ones on Rhinoinstalls.....gelling headache

Rhinoinstalls - mobile, come to me
Outdoorbits - East Devon, i'm in Essex
Sunstore - Sussex, bit closer

Any advice and experience you guys have had would be most gratefully received.

Many thanks



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i would use these

and these
might use their 80wt panels if space was limited .
i have polycrystal on my truck but really i dont think you notice any difference . i did at one time use mono . but decided what i have now looked nicer . ha ha .
i cut any connectors off and make my own joins . or use the connector box on some .
luckily all mine on bpoard had connector boxes .
easy to fit . i used ally angle .
think its a big rip off with the fitting of them these days .
mind always as been .


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Cheers Alan. I'm not sure I'm up to fitting it myself though. Never been particularly practical added to the nervousness of drilling into my MH.


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only place you need to drill is where ever you bring in the cable .
pop rivet panels to the angle then sikaflex to glue the angle down .
speak to a good electric goods supplier they can supply gland nuts to seal the cable inlet .
wipe a bit of sika around it and jobs done .
if not you pay the man and smile.


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Well done mike that is good news ,i fitted my panels myself so i hope they stay up there :rofl: They do charge a fortune and it does seem to be money for old rope however if your not confident of doing it yourself then what charge can you put on peace of mind.
Always worth haggling with them though.
When I had my caravan I ordered my panel off ebay and was going to have it fitted by a "Professional" when the kit arrived their was not much too it so I decided to have a go myself. I was surprised hoe easy and simple it was. Just fitted the panel on the roof on a dry run as to make sure everything would fit in place. Remembered to measure twice and cut once. Three hours later I had a solar panel that was 120W fitted so it could tilt upwards. Cable neatly tucked into trunking on the roof. Solar panel charger in locker all I used was sikaflex, self sealing nuts. I saved £180
And after 3 years it was still dry as a bone around all the holes I had drilled.

If I even need to add toy MH when I get it I would rather fit it myself.