So that didn't last very long did it?


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We're having to give up full timing in the van after just 8 months. Ann' mum has got Dementia and it's come on like a train! She has no memory of where she lives, whether her husband is dead, who she lives with, when she was married, when her daughters were born, or, what happened in her life a half hour ago.

She lives with Anns' sister but we felt we couldn't just drive off into the sunset with a cheery wave and the promise of a postcard from a beach somewhere and leave her with it all, so we've had to rent an apartment, a really nice one I might add, local to where they live and ironically just round the corner from our old house!

It is a perfect lesson in how the old adage "If you want to make God laugh, make a plan!" He must have been pissing himself watching us sell the house and make plans of touring round Europe for a couple of years, picking out places in Greece to park up, reading stuff on here about the life of a full timer and generally ignoring "real life".

Anyway here we are, living part time in a motorhome and part time in the flat until our contract ends at the end of March. Sorry I know this sounds, "It's all about me!" Someones mind is leaving them, people are dying of hunger thirst and from religeous persecution. people have had their homes and businesses destroyed in floods and I'm whinging about having to live in a brand new triple glazed centrally heated flat! But I can't help it I feel hard done to!

Have a Happy New Year everyone and I do know I'm not that badly off really I just wanted to sound off!


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Know what its like happened to me before and again with the Mrs but there is not much we can do . Fall asleep and asks where we are when going home etc . Just feel for you . Best to get it off your chest . We are off to Soria as she wants to see grand daughter wont be easy but will make it . Just get out when you can .


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That's a tough break for you and your MIL. As you say, bloody life can be like that sometimes. Good to sound off sometimes and here is as good a place as any so don't apologise.


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Sometimes things happen that throw your plans out the window,we have been stuck at home most of the year,something similar,but if you cannot do it today do it tomorrow,that's what I keep saying to my self anyway,keep dreaming,planning and one day it will happen


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Sorry to hear about Anne's mum :( Life has a way of kicking you in the nuts at times and there is nothing that can be said to make what you are going through any easier or better, so I won't even try.

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Sorry to hear that....wasn't it John Lennon who said Life is what happens whilst you are busy making plans.....Good luck with whatever it is you do, try snd remain positive.....odd things happen......


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I can only imagine how you feel mate.Thats a real kick in the pants.:oops:
Its worse as that horrible disease leaves people with no hope of a recovery.


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We know exactly what you are going through as we are in the same boat.
we wish you well with the future,