single mixer kitchen tap split


hi folks ,the kitchen tap has split down the side,tried glu,tape..still leaking out of the side....any one know where to get a cheap one as there all pricey


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could be just expensive , i know the switch ones are very expensive .
try jacksons leisure or o,learies
or cak tanks .
all seem very helpfull when i have used them for other things .


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Hi, try leisure shop direct on line, based in ilfracoombe north devon
Get all my parts there, very helpful

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I bought a cheapo chrome mixer tap two years ago and it started leaking through pin holes in the main body......hey ho, sh1t metal or what.

To try and attempt a quick temporary fix I bought some equally cheapo mastic two part putty and patched it......its still holding....


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I’m having the same problem, kind of. But I think replacing the spout might do it. Still, I’m not sure if they sell the parts for my pulldown faucet separately. I swear all these home improvement websites— thespruce, thekitchn, healthykitchen101, etc. all of them are no help. They only cover general and common issues.