quiet on here?


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Back in UK weather been good, its great to be back. Forecast looking good, sometime wonder why we go across the Channel as so many lovely places here.


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yes uk does have alot of nice country side and scenery . if only thw winter could be that little bit warmer .
mind i didnt find last winter that bad really.
saw snow for a few days but then see it more when in spauin in winter . even morocco you go inland and up the atlas its snow as much as you ever need .
remember once sat out at mid night in tee shirts and it was really warm. next day drove up the atlas mountains and skiing and tobogganing was going on . next day drove more inland and down in the sahara it was hot again and very dry.
certainly this spring and start of summer nature in the wilds seems stronger than ever . plants growing ,trees full of leaves etc , and there does seem more sheep ,lambs and young calfs about than in the past. great to see them out in the fields .
although am told the fishing is abit down again this year.
hope it comes back , cant beat fresh mackerel for tea .