Printer A4 small and motorhome friendly


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I work part time from my motorhome. I am looking for a compact A4 printer I can use with my mini pc and my galaxy note 4. Wireless would be handy I suppose as this would give me better options on location. Doesn't have to colour. I am EHU most of the time. Any recommendations would be brilliant. TIA. Tom


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Sorry.... never had any luck with printers...darn ink is expensive and Bluetooth does want it wants.....


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Years ago service engineers that came to our factory typed up and printed reports they used simple black and white single sheet ones that fitted in their briefcase.
Suggest you search eBay for single sheet document printer?


I use a pixma ip100. I'm a student & print things out all the time. It's got a rechargeable battery & seems to last ages.

Totally recommend it!


PS: it's WiFi. .. but I use the Bluetooth dongle (attach it to the printer) which connects to my mac book pro.

PPS: It's been my moho printer for three years. Still working like a doozey.