Passing away.


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It is with deep regret that I have to tell you of the passing of my partner, friend , companion of 17 years . After a long illness one year of vscular dementure and alzheimers she suffered a massive stroke two weeks ago and passed away two days ago . I was by her as she departed on her last journey and she she new that I was by her all the time. . I am not in good health having had another heart attack a month ago but recovering. My motor home days are over and I have given it to a friend who nservices my cars and motor hope. Will still read the site as and when .

Hpold .


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Very sorry to hear of your loss, no words can make it any easier I know but my thoughts are with you during this difficult time. I know it is probably of no consolation now that you have let your Motorhome go but in the time I have been working as a Warden on Campsites I have met many solo Caravanners/Motorhomers who have lost their partners but who found the strength to continue, perhaps one day, if your own health improves, you may once again choose to get out amongst like-minded folk :wasntme: Take care.


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yes , sorry to hear that news.
lets hope you feel stronger soon.
dont give in , its hard some times .
keep in touch . all best ,alan.


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So sorry. Don't know what to say, a terrible time for you. Take care and thank you for letting us all know.


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Sorry to hear of your sad loss hpold. Stay in touch and good luck with your own health and moving forward.


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Thanks all had to give it up for health reasons, copd, conjestive heart failure, glucoma and just a month ago another heart attack. Now have 5 stents . Too much with the gas bottles changes even THE hook up wore me out not being able to carry anything heavy. Will keeps in touch its a great site without stacks of info. Once again thank you all ilene did not want to lt me go after the stroke she helps on for 8 days.


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So sorry to hear your very sad news.
I like others am stuck for words that would give you any help.
Take good care of yourself ..
Chris & Sally


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Really sorry to read your sad news ,thankyou for sharing and may it give you strength in the in coming future ,bless you, Alf and Marianne.


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So sorry to hear your sad news, I'm sure you have fond memories of your travels together, so glad you passed your motorhome on to someone who will use it to travel near and far. It will be less hassle for you as they need their TLC. Take care


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So sad to hear, hpold. Hope your health improves along the way. You'll always have something to contribute here, even if you can't manage motorhoming in the flesh.
Our condolences.
Will and Pat


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Can't begin to imagine how you are feeling, but best wishes from us both

BRI n Jan
I Have to agree with all the comments very sorry to hear . I've just lost my mum after short illness and my brother had a serious motorbike accident and very nearly lost his life and is now very disabled. This has promptedme to take early retirement and get on and live life now.