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We don't mind really plugging Sweden now as we probably will not be going back------ for the foreseeable future we will be living on our small bit of land in central Portugal!!!!! Plus after much soul searching have decided it is not fair to our motorhome to have it standing so long between trips to UK and it is too much hassle for us to register it in Portugal------- so with a heavy heart have decided to sell it!!! :-(


It was quite a while ago that we were in Norway with the motorhome but it was noticeably expensive to eat out, plus I don't think we bought any alcohol there (we made a side trip into Sweden instead). Motorhoming still seemed the cheapest option for seeing the country though, as we didn't have to eat out much. Back then the ferry from Newcastle visited several points in Norway so we were able to get off it in Bergen (which was the most northerly stop) which gave a sort of mini-cruise through some of the Fjords as well. We then did a southern loop, including a few nights in Sweden and a few in Oslo, before catching the ferry back from Stavanger. I recall a few toll roads back then, some of which were a bit of a rip-off. Great trip though - it's a real shame that ferry no longer runs.


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We went into Norway from the "Wilderness Road" in Sweden so we already a little way up, then travelled to Kirkness popping into Sweden occasionally for shopping trips, that works very well, LPG is rare in North Sweden so we filled up in Norway when we saw it!.
Our first trip to Norway in a motorhome was via Bergen, but was already autumn so didn't go north on that trip!!!!!
A trip that would be worth doing is the hurtigruten (sp) bit of a tourist thing but it is really a mail boat that runs the length of the coast it stops at loads of towns on it's trip--------- we found out that pensioners get it much cheaper??!!!! It would be best in winter when you have a good chance of seeing Northern Lights. but parking the mh in Norway in winter would take some preparation!!----- maybe possible to park it under cover???