nice n sunny


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so what lovely weather we are having at the moment. . might even be that summer as actually arrived this year.
the hedges etc are looking grand , flowers etc in full bloom.
bring on the global warming if lifes going to be so nice.


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Nice in Devon too.Down here for a few days and a beautiful morning.Had a run then caught the sun chatting to an old freind who has a beach hut. Downside was forgetting about traffic wardens but after another run back to the car we were ok


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been a great time lately riding around all the country lanes on my little m,bike. only done 1500mls on it since end of march this year. think i will have to get my 250cc back on the road . mind the little one is great for doing 30mls and only using a litre of fuel. going slow mind but lovely looking at the scenery. how slow can you go is the way.


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Well it's trying to rain in Aberaeron (west wales) and ain't got over16c today.
It was sunny yesterday with a fantastic sunset, parked in a field overlooking the sea.
Got to be back in forest of dean Tuesday to sign for house sale.


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We are on a c&cc temporary holiday site on the North Norfolk coast, we are here for about 3 weeks. Today is very nice but we have had rain and wall to wall grey skies for the past couple of weeks. Nothing we can do about it of course and we have a nice pub lunch to look forward to today.