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I'm new to the forum and I'm currently doing some research on buying a van and getting it insured for European use. I apologise if I am bringing up an old subject, I have spent a lot of time scouring the web and reading posts on here before writing this post.

I want to go full-time in a van, spending most of the year in Europe, coming back to the UK once a year to get MOT done. I own a property in the UK which I rent out, I use my cousin's address for mail. If I buy a van it could be registered at my cousin's address as well as my driving license. It seems that Comfort Insurance or Adrian Flux (Ageas policy) might offer what I need however I have concerns about the type of van that they will insure. Currently I'm looking at VW campers/transporters and Mercedes Sprinters, something like that. I feel like I'm in a minefield where a wrong purchase could easily be made.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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hi welcome.
hard to say what van is best to buy these days .
i used to run vw t2,s or t25,s for years . never liked the t4/5,s or the merc sprinters.
eleven years ago i bought the mitzy canter that pulls my trailer . great bit of kit.
it replaced the vw lt that had been pulling the trailer since 1987.
ideally read lots of the older threads and try and take what you need . if not never be afraid to ask. we all try our best.
might have to see what happens next year ,might be we cant spend as long as we used to be able to in the eu.
but north africa is only a ferry away from spain or france or even italy.
age is important . if not too young saga might be handy. i was with them for a few years at one time.
i preferself builds then at least you know where you got or can get any bits you used.
but have fun . cheers alan.


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Welcome to the site.Another one for the self build vote here.


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In respect of the vans, have you thought of ringing the Insurers and asking them the question on what they will and will not Insure, that way you get it from the horses mouth so to speak. I am Insured with Comfort and my experience of talking to them is that they are very helpful, you may not always get the answer you want but at least you know where you stand :thumb:

Are you happy to spend extended periods outside of the Countries that make up the membership of the EU ? I only ask because you state that you want to spend most of your time in Europe and with 'Brexit' things are a little uncertain right now about what, 'if any', travel restrictions may be imposed once we are no longer a member of the EU :think: Of course it may be that a deal is done that will not affect long term nomadic traveller's but it would not make sense to not at least give it some due consideration :thumb:


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Hi welcome,
As you have a post code address, if your over an age ring Saga and ask what they insure. They give 365 eu cover