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shropshire shaun

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morning guys, iv been living in this 52 plate rapido for 6 months now usually on sites when am working, with a lil gallivanting when am not. loving the life style and saving a fortune, its probably not for every one but as a subcontracting electrician my work can be all over the country, i can position my self for the best jobs i can find this way with cheap to free digs everywhere.

does any of you guys work in construction and live like this? i seem to meet alot of contractors on caravan sites but not many full timers



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hi, welcome .
yes i know quite a few contractors that live full time in m,homes ,truck conversions etc .
personally i dont .
truth i dont full time but do spend alot of time long terming .
over the years many of my friends have done m,way work etc all using what ever to live in . i also know lots gypsies and showmen that live fulltime travelling uk etc .
the secret is enjoy what ever you do. there is no better life than being happy . there are alot out there that arent .
strangely the traveling community specially the gypsie /showman ones are great to be friends with.
have fun smile and be happy . cheers alan


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I did same as you Shaun for about 15 years but only in the summer back in the uk ,come end sept I was gone (to cold for a softy chipy on building sites ) back in may a couple of weeks and I'd be earning . Quite often with the same firm . Then 2008 gave that nasty habit up altogether never looked back . Now just a way of life . Enjoy .


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i used to come home and drive trucks in the summer. dont live in my truck when back here but a few of the companies said should i sell up they would let me park in their truck parking area .
toilets and showers are available in many truck yards for drivers to use.
there are alot doing just that.


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Welcome and enjoy.
Like the photos. The last one looks like it's bathed in Scottish haar and the second just before it got there....................:)