Looking for an overnight stay in Spain....to start with anyway


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I do not get too bogged down with what Religion or Race people are, I prefer to follow the principle of "Treat people the way they you would like to be treated", not always easy, just read some of the 'posts' that go on here from time to time :wasntme:

Steve Freeman

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Yup, blow 'em up before they blow you up :)
(Only kidding)

More seriously, this "treating as you wish to be treated" thing is not universal around the world. It is a bit of a soft, new testament Christian sentiment, and a good thing too, even though I'm saying this and I am not one.

Silver Drifter

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In my travels, I've found people to be extrodinarily helpful and accommodating, going out of their way to help you. You see or find what you are looking for.