Living fulltime around my town, is it possible


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I am planning to retire in 15 years time, I have an reasonable paying job but I rent a house.

I am planning on buying a motorhome spring 2017 with savings and living and working local. Is this possible to do this for 4 years to save enough to buy a house outright.

The plan is living about my town area Monday to Friday (as I work Monday to Friday) and at the weekend when I get my kid go to a camp-site around Scotland to do weekly checks, top up batteries, top up water tank and empty full ones.

Is it possible to live 5 nights a week 52 weeks a year in your local town area?

Does anyone have experience of this and should I expect a backlash from the local community. There are plenty of places to part but 52 weeks a year 5 nights a week, that's a lot of moving around and rotating sleeping spots.

I live 20 miles west of Glasgow in an area called Inverclyde and I would be living in a class C not a stealth type van.



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it is possible . i have a mate that lives fulltime in his ex prison truck . not that far from you .
locally here in cornwall there are loads of folk . have two or three nights a week in emplyers carpark then use other places . some use farmers yards its a kind of security in old farm yards were plant etc is housed . very often get free leccy etc .
but you might need an address for ins , reg vehicle , driving licence etc .
its possible . might not be easy . but can be done .
homework required by you first.
try builders yards transport yards etc all very often require security of sorts at night .


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Thanks vwalan, yes I do IT on call for my employer so I think I can probably get away with 2 nights a week in their car park. I plan to use one of those boat mail services to register for DVLA and mail purposes.

I find myself driving around town on my day to day travels keeping an eye out for possible places to park up. I want to try and gain a 2 week rotation so I am only somewhere twice a month, We have car parks up in the hills but don't fancy them back road trips every couple of days in a motor home, bad enough in a car.


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farms could be your best area.
have you not got a mate or anyone you could use as address.
insurance could be alot less .
but think out of the box , you are doing the right thing look hard . the best places are obvious once you see them .


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No family and mates would not let me use their address due to getting all the free benefits of being unemployed with no income.

I dont want to upset anyone and this area has some lovely views so I wont be upsetting locals by parking and ruining their views of the river Clyde and hills.

While people are looking for parking spaces I am looking for living spaces :)