Just Waking Up to Brexit ?


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Spanish police have already said you don't need a idp for spain. The uk licence is good enough.
It's the uk government saying you need it..... well they would wouldn't they at £5 a year.


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Driving in the EU and EEA from 29 March 2019

According to the British Government; "UK driving licence holders may need an IDP in addition to their UK driving licence to drive when visiting EU and EEA countries"

IDP (International Driving Permit)

According to Spanish Government; there is no any change neither news about it, so you can keep driving with just the UK licence when you visit Spain.

As soon as there are any developments on this matter, we will keep you updated.
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The British Media, those that are pro-remain keep pushing out 'scaremongering' headlines, the pro-Brexit push out their own version. The Spanish newspapers are trying to re-assure British ex-pats that there will be no changes 'Deal' or 'No Deal'. At the end of the day we just need it to be all over so that we can then know for certain what changes there will be, if any. It is all getting very tedious now, Parliament having votes on amendments to amendments !! But, anything you hear from your family in Spain always useful :thumb: