Italian trip in October

I have now retired and we are taking a extended trip to Scotland next week but are planning to go to Italy in October for 6 or 8 weeks for a late bit of summer heat. Will be travelling though the tunnel ,any help and advice be very appreciated


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Italy is a big Country, is their a particular area you are looking at travelling to ? Have you got the 'All The Aires Italy' publication ? There is also something similar to the 'France Passion' scheme in Italy, just cannot remember what it is called at the moment :wasntme: Then there are the usual 'Apps' - Park4Night, Kampercontact etc.

Was there any specific help or advice you were looking for ?


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Long time since I was in Italy when we were travelling in a tent. A lot of the lakes are fantastic. Enjoy,that has made me think we really must get to Italy again.
We are goin to Italy without a plan and looking for inspiration our likes are quiet Sandy beach's and unspoilt land scape . I have read that the Italian camp sites squash you in ,has anybody experience of this ?
Any inspiration would be welcome .


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I have never taken the mh to Italy, its on the long list of places we must go to one day. If you have a Kindle you could do worse than download Two Go To Italy by (Motorhome Fun member) John Laidler. Its a good book for motorhome fans. Details here.



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Not sure what the Campsites will be like in the Winter months, the ones that remain open that is, but in Summer they pack you in like Sardines. If you are considering Campsites then get yourself a ACSI Card, provides discounts during the 'Low Season'. There are some good Aires around the Northern Lakes, Garda, Maggiori etc. I am sure there are ample opportunities to find some nice wildcamping locations as well, Google Maps Satelite View is great for finding such locations :thumb:


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Some campsites open around Easter in Italy but they all tend to shut up shop in September (speaking for Florence region and Venice) so best to check the websites.