Has any one / or does any one know ..

Can I plug a EHU from my inventor into my van so it runs the boiler off the mains ( the vans battery's & invertor..

But I am also aware, that when u use ehu, this charges the battery.

So the thought of the power, coming from the battery, to the inverter, back into the van to the battery charger, seams like a receipt for an explosion..!!!!

Has any one done or tried or know of this concoction..

Please help before curiosity gets the best of me.....


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Hi. It is very easy to do----- assuming you have a big enough battery bank and inverter------- most inverters (AFAIK). Will burn out really quick if you feed 240 in!!!!!!! To prevent the possibility of this happening ( again!!!!) I feed the power from the inverter in to the EHU socket----- this way it is impossible to feed 240 INTO the inverter!!.------- I have a switch on the onboard charger so very easy to switch it off when inverter is on------ you could easily fit a relay to it to switch automatically----- but I personally prefer as few electronics as possible!!!!
We have 500w of solar 460? Amp of battery and a 3000 inverter. In the Portuguese summer we have enough power to run loads of different appliances!!----- during periods of overcast weather we have to keep an eye on battery power!!
Your boiler is probably 1 or 2 kw so would not want to be left on too long and only during bright sun??
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