How Easy is it to Full Time in the UK

Hi I am looking into moving out of my rented place and buying a motor home to live in. I will be working still and staying close to work during the week and off on adventures during the weekend. I have a address I can use, I live in a small town and wont be staying along streets. Any help from people doing this already in the UK would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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i dont . but i know a few that do . some use farms by villages or builders yards etc you can be security for them . some find works carparks work for them . the main thing is address for driving lic , log book etc but again lots discussions on here . but all is possible . where you are might be ideal or maybe not tell us more . but remember a truck doesnt stand out sometimes on ind est.


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Welcome to the site.
I have found that for the u.k the best way to full time is by using cheap 5 quid or under sites that are normally on farms and wildcamping when possible.Beware though these cheap sites only provide water and waste points.They are perfect if you have rear wheel drive and loads of solar panels.Even so during the coldest parts of the uk winter you may find that you will need hook ups.

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.Even so during the coldest parts of the uk winter you may find that you will need hook ups.
...Yes, or possibly a regular gas bottle delivery/pickup. I have a 5W friend who never uses hook ups, but gets through large amounts of gas (I'm told 11kg every 8 days in summer weather). He also has solar to keep batteries topped - but hard in UK winter.


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sounds like we are in similar positions apart from we've been full timing since 2006, as coolasluck say's CL / CS sites make life easier especially during the colder months we normally have a hook up and normally pay around £7 per night , in the summer all though most of the time we could do without the hook up it helps save on the gas that would be used for the fridge ,cooking and water heating as the electric can be used instead .When we are not on a CL / CS we tend to use a few selected pubs for stop overs or even long weekends. Is it easy ? well we have found it to be so hardest part for people is having that address to use mainly for insurance as most everything else will accept a care of address, when getting insurance scan the small print as some now are not happy with you having an address they also want you registered on the electoral roll
my plan so far

As i will still be working full time and have about £1000 a month to live off, i would hopefully spend only 2 or 3 nights a week (7pm till 6am) in a parking spot either industrial estate, beach (20 min away), or layby I have 3 pubs that offer electric hook up and one night stop over for £5 or free if eat in the pub there is also a truck stop 10 min drive from my work which i can stop at. I would only be staying near work Monday to Thursday as will be off every weekend. The weekends I dont feel like driving to far there are many campsites very close. The pubs and campsites offer toilet waste and fresh water refills. I have my parents that live near and have there drive and use of there electric for a night also. I am thinking about doing this for a year and starting March next year so i hopefully have the good weather to get used to it and in winter months i can either stay at a campsite or rent a bedsit near my work for a couple months if weather that bad.
during the week i would not use the fridge as can store anything in works canteen, i would not fill up the fresh water tank as have bottled water, gas would only be used for cooking and heating if to cold and garage 2 min from work sells gas.

I have done a bit of research. what do you think of my plan does this sound easy? I could go on in more depth but think i gave you the general idea.

Thanks for you comments as i dont know anyone that does this and everyone from work and friends just think i am crazy and i get negative answers from them.


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My blog started from the moment I put the 'For Sale' sign up outside my house :thumb: I am quite open and honest about what we do and how we do it and when things go wrong, I write about that too ;) I cannot say that how 'we' live is the right way, but it is our way, and we enjoy it and don't regret leaving our careers, house or 'Conventional' lives.
Also that's the other thing i get itchy feet every 2 years or so and move i hate being stuck in one place I don't own any furniture its mainly just junk that i pick up in between every move and just move it to a new place still in a box haha this way i will have every thing i own and need in one place and always with me. As it may seem crazy to most people i already see that for a selected few this way of life really works.

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Hi ya. Big Momma is right, plenty of folks drive south in the winter. I've been working my way down through France for two months onmy way to Spain for the winter. To be honest, I dislike this lifestyle in the UK because one never feels welcomed, well, nowhere near as much as we are in France. it! What have you got to lose??


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hi. might see you again this winter some where .
slow as you go. is the way. :D
i,m told los alcarares could be out this year. looks like its aire on the tarmac . but might have to wait and see.
Hi, I have lived in a caravan when working in the winter and you need to be organised and not have too much stuff. My caravan was only a two birth and I can tell you it's small and get smaller all the time. The size of your Moterhome could be the big thing if your going to live in it full time.
I lived in a touring caravan for years. I have a business locally (25 mins from my usual spot!) and for a while I even moved into the house that I have joined to my shop! I did the conventional "thing" for nearly two years. Preferred my caravan and ironically, health pushed me back to my caravan, and now to my motorhome conversion.

I have a regular spot which is a tiny field on a farm. I was lucky to find it but soon the field is being sold so my time has come to move on. Keeping my eye open for another spot but I'll use cheap CLs if nothing comes along. Our plan is to head over to France in Feb or March where I'm told this lifestyle isn't out of the ordinary.

My advice to you is DO IT. You can't go wrong, it's a great lifestyle and who wants to live in a brick box anyway. Far to common :rofl:

Welcome to our crazy world!

Hi there, i am also going to live in a motorhome full time starting April/march time. I currently pay 400 a month for a room in a househare in chester . my work involves restocking magazines in lidl and aldi and i have 11 stores to visit a week (Denbigh, - Wrexham, - Oswestry, - Shrewsbury is the route). I have a budget of £10,000 and im trawling the net for a 80s/90s coachbuild with shower, toilet, seperate bed etc. ..I have lots of questions that need answering a few below if anyone could advise??
1. What type of power set up would i need to use a tv, charge laptop / phone, run fridge etc every night?
2. sorry to be blunt but does a chemical toilet dissolve poo etc, is it best just used for peeing, what chemicals are in there?? can they only be emptied at campsites?

cheers richard
hi Richard
Good luck with the plans, it sounds like you may be considering wild or free parking. In my experience the shower can be a blessing and a curse in UK. Warm weather it's great but in the 11.5 cold and damp months the moisture released by showering can create condensation problems in a motorhome.
When on winter / cold weather trips I use leisure centres for a long hot shower for around £1.50 they also have excellent toilet facilities.
McDonalds is another useful toilet facility provider - why else would one go there.
Lorry drivers seem to manage without lugging tanks full of urine around and I tend to take advantage of their expertise.
Hi Richard,
Firstly power: You need a decent leisure battery, such as 120AH. With a small LED TV and a small inverter you'll have an evening viewing, laptop charging etc. Assuming you'll be driving your van daily, it will charge the leisure battery as you travel. If one battery isn't up to it, add a second one in parallel. If you run low on power, just run the engine for a bit. A solar panel is good in the summer too. Run your fridge off gas, it's the most efficient method.

Chemical toilet disolves poo. The chemical relies on bacteria I believe. If you only pee in the pot, you'll find it will stink of pee. Drop some poo in there too and the bacteria kicks in and you'll just pour out blue/green liquid that doesn't stink. For peeing, I recommend a tree, it's why men were given hose pipes as standard. Work, Maccies, Supermarkets, etc. are good for poos. In their toilets, of course.

I love having a decent shower. If you shower in your van, open all ventilation methods whilst showering (shower roof vent, window, etc) even if it does freeze your titties off, it'll minimise the damp.

Dispose of rubbish in public bins. If you have a fair bit, just drive past the local tip and chuck it in there.

I wouldn't spend £10k outright on a motorhome. Personally I'd aim for spending less as you're bound to want to modify things/add things/repair things once you've bought it. These after purchase purchases can add up!

Hope this helps.