Full time pitch wanted !


Evening all,

I've recently bought a 5th wheeler to move into around a gust time with my girlfriend. I have storage for it but that's no good for living in, I work at catterick so looking in that area with 20 miles max. I just can't seem to find anywhere that can 1 get something that big on a pitch or 2 one that has good facilities. Anyway if you have info of sites in the area it would be greatly appreciated


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Liam, sorry if I appear a bit abrupt or direct but did you do 'any' research on siting something this big before going ahead and purchasing it ? It isn't just the length of the trailer but conventional sites do not have access roads that are wide enough to facilitate a HGV towing a trailer on/off a pitch. The only suggestion I can make is perhaps a site that has 'static' vans as they use HGV's to deliver/remove them. The other issue is long term pitching, Campsites will usually limit you to 21-28 days unless you can find one that allows seasonal pitching.
Hi yes I looked into it and all seemed fine, even though it's towed by a truck it's an urban artic it's no wider then a Range Rover with a caravan on the back. All the sites near me are either seasonal mostly 10 months or open all year. I'm thinking of maybe asking local farmers next

Cheers Liam


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When we are in the u.k we use cl sites.
We also use only the 5 or 6 pounds a night sites.I don't know if you have any near you though.Farmers are a great avenue to explore and some C.l sites may find you a spot not connected to the C.l. The 28 day rule is not really a problem. One tip though is fit a decent solar array and a good size battery bank.Its the most important issue with fulltiming.
I have tried afew local sites and they are all abit scared of the size of it. Is it just me been stupid or are most RVs 34ft


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My van at 30 feet is not much smaller than yours, but for a lot of 'touring' sites that is the upper end of what they are happy to accommodate. That said, on my last site we had a couple of pitches that would have accommodated the trailer size but the access roads would not have been wide enough for your tractor Unit to manoeuvre. We had the same issue with the larger 'Celtic' 5th wheelers. You have to remember that the majority of these type of sites were only initially set up to cater for small/medium sized cars/caravans, some are only just getting their heads around catering for Motorhomes !! Local farmers may be the way to go, they usually have outbuildings & storage sheds away from the main farm and so may be willing to accommodate you so your presence may act as some on site security for them. Worth a go :thumb:
Evening everyone, well today took a turn for the better for once. Just as I was about to give up on finding a site for me to full time on I may of done it at last. I went to view a place called
http://www.burtreelakes.com/ I didn't explain what I wanted or what my motorhome was just literally turned up and a lovely women called Pat showed me around the only plot she had left. It was a touring plot surfaced with gravel, it had water and electric points to the plot plus grey water drainage. The funny thing is when she asked what I was wanting to put on there i explained it was a 44ft 5th wheeler the trailer been 34ft and without even delaying she straight away said " no worries we can just extend the plot That was the best thing anyone has said all week lol. Now they do have some rules one been I will take the tractor unit away leaving the trailer which is fine as I can leave it safe on my barracks car park. I even asked what if I destroy the grass putting in on the plot and she just said They will just replace the grass lol. So cost wise they run 1st march to 31st October and that's £1500. Outside of them dates it's £10 per night which sounds a lot at £70 a week but is way cheaper then renting a house up here so I'm happy to pay. The facilities are just enough but in good condition so I can't complain. So it looks like I may of found my new home for now but I will have to wait till the meeting Monday wish me luck


Pitch is currently 24ft


Nearly forgot to mention incase anyone was thinking of going there the road in and out will easily fit mine down then so no nasty tight roads, it's also a short drive off the A1 motorway.


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Well done Liam, it just shows that if you want something bad enough and put the effort in to finding it, you can succeed, really well done mate :thumb: One word of advice, don't shout this from the rooftops or you may find yourself footing a 'Council Tax' bill ;)