First time venturing across the water!!!


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Hi people,

Forgive me for I have last posting was......a while back.....why does normal life have to get in the way of everything you want to do:mad:

Anyway to the point.....we have booked our ferry to France in June and are taking our MH abroad for the very first time:eek:

We have a late crossing on a Friday night and have been given an idea of where to stop for the first night and be ready to start our journey the next morning after picking up some supplies. So i guess my next question is where to go:confused: We want to experience Aires (having purchased the latest All The Aires France book) but would also like the comfort of knowing we will have a guaranteed spot somewhere on a site to relax fully for a couple of days before moving on to another Aire then another couple of days on site to another Aire working our way back to Calais for an evening crossing the following Saturday.....
We have looked at a site that looked quite nice on the Loire and then finding another site maybe Brittany or not too much travelling, don't think we need too much pressure to start with

Any advice and ideas for sites or aires will be most welcome - and I know how many members feel in regards to sites but we still need that safety net until our confidence is up - :cautious:

Ta very much

Mike & Sue


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Carnac is a great place to visit, that area of Northern Brittany with standing stones has plenty to do and see

Steve & Lys

Hi stranger :0)
Great to hear your hitting the road for a bit !
Just get off the ferry and turn right , follow the coast road for a few hours ,pull over get out your map and the Aires book , find a place to go .........simples :0) ( if only it was !!)
Good idea to book yourself in for the first few night, it let's the nerves settle :0)
Not sure of a suggestion for you but we loved the area around St Michael's Mount, but all of that area is great, enjoy .
Love n hugs Steve & Lys


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Hi Mike (and Sue), as well as the 'All the Aires' book, consider the Camperstop Europe 2014 publication as well ( the latter being my particular bible but Edition 4 of the France Aires book is pretty good this year). You know that we are complete Newbies to this fulltiming lark and we soon learnt that Campsites are very expensive, Aires are not all basic but are definitely cheaper :thumb: Normandy and Brittany are beautiful, believe me, you won't have enough time :) But the main thing is, wherever you go and wherever you stay, just enjoy yourself :thumb::thumb:


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We stopped on 'Calais Plage'----It's a free aire in Calais----nothing fancy but plenty of space/dump/water and 5 mins from the ferry --no suprise that it's next to a (very nice) beach a bit cold and windy when we were there in February
You will find that the closer you stay to the coast the more likely you will have to pay, and find aires crowded, we normally have 2 or 3 aires ready to try------we always use Co-Ords now it makes life sooo relaxed.


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A nice municipal site to spend a couple of days at, assuming it's still open, is at Bayeaux. It's 10 minutes stroll into the town centre, easy to get to, well laid out and is, well was two years ago, well kept! When we long term tour we do aires for most of the time and use a site for a couple of days every fortnight to get washing done and just park up for bit. Constant moving on can be tiring and boring. We have a few aires in an area, with one as our target and if either of us feels unsure we move on to our next choice. We've never failed to find one yet! Bon Route


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Carnac is a great place to visit, that area of Northern Brittany with standing stones has plenty to do and see
carnac is in southern brittany . you sure you went to the right place.
anyway brittany and the west coast is easy picking . forget all the books or better if you buy them in france far cheaper. but every village as good parking . look for the church . big carpark and usually toilets and sometimes hot water . very often showers as well.