Fiat tyre pressure


Can any one please post a positive answer to fiat ducatto tyre pressure.

Tyre says 70 psi
Inside vehicle door says 50/60

When asking on Facebook, you get the professionals , who probably never drive their vans commenting about weighing each axel and depending on tyre make, contact the manufacture and with the weight info and depending on weather conditions, Incan then get each tyre pressure

I am probably upto my 3500kg weight limit

Please can I have some solutions, and not another avenue to investigate before I have an educated figure.

So , motorhomers

With a fully laden 3500kg fiat ducatto,...

What's tyre pressures are we running off....


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Hi. I was told 76 psi
That was from a Fiat service garage.
I have a Rollerteam t line 786 350 t
I am happy running on this


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i would not go over the tyre pressures that are quoted on the tyres . mind also you must make sure the tyres are capable of the weight your vehicle is .
but start with the fiat pressures and pklay around a bit . try softer or harder and find what you are comfortable with . hard makes a rougher ride . but soft can be bouncy and wear the edges of the tyres .
justplay around with pressures and find what suits you .


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70 psi on the tyre is required by Canadian law. Nothing else though it will help in you deciding what pressure to use.
50/60 on the door is fiat base vehicle
Camping tyres are different to commercial tyres as they can run at higher pressures. They have stronger sidewalls to cope with being stood for long periods.

I use Toyo HO8 tyres ( normal commercial) and 50psi front and 60 psi rear max when fully loaded at 4.5 ton.sometimes 10 psi less.
16 inch wheels single axle fiat.
On my door it says 5 to 5.5 bar, I ignore this as how the hell do they know what tyres are on it.

More Info on what tyres you have ,size make and age needed to help with any personal advice. It's a minefield out there....


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The quick non-adulterated answer : Assuming you have proper 'Camper' tyres fitted and based on what you have stated about vehicle plate recommendations and what it says on the tyres I would run at 60psi and see how it feels over a reasonable length of drive, adjust as appropriate :thumb: