Eu scooter/motorbike cover


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Last year ( first time) cover for my scooter covered 90 days full comp then reverted to 3rd party for the rest of the year if used outside the UK.
New renewal states 90 days eu cover. So I phone to ask what happens after the 90 days to be told the cover expires .you only have uk cover and nothing in the EU
Gets manager/gets underwriters and I get the same answer.
They do not have to give the minimum cover for any eu country.. ( it is in sub section B)
The 2009 eu directive no longer states this... it says they can give limited days in any 12 months...
My cover was with Bennetts and will now be changed to Express Insurance once they check my requirements as they state 365 eu cover.
Has anyone else had the same problem?
Some quotes I got give no EU cover at all. So it's worth checking your renewal quote..


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Hi Chris, not sure if you intend to full-time or long term?

We have never taken the scooter abroad, we never have seen the point as motorhome parking camping sites aires etc are so plentiful and also in convenient places unlike at home! And you do tend to move about and tour more with time limits on most aires

Our scooter stays home with battery disconnected during winters away, only find it necessary in UK where it is great asset to have, get yourself on a quiet cheap cl for a month and it really does come into its own!

Also of course when you return from euro land that's another 100 kilos of booze you can bring!

Of course no one does things the same way but this suits us

I could rent you garage space over winter ha ha!!


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Long term I think it is ( for now anyway)
I did think about leaving scoot in uk but I have been told "it's coming with us "
Payed £87 in the end with 365 full comp in the EU.
Off to Australia shortly and needed to sort out before we left..
We are back in March then a little tour in UK before heading for Portugal and Spain after Blandford Steam Fair
I was under the impression insurance had to give the minimum cover in the EU but apparently not...
They even told me to contact the Insurance Ombudsman for the same answer they gave.


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You said rent garage space.....
Last time I looked in there it was full of vino .....
Have you drunk it all.:D


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I also was under that impression that minimum cover normal, I'm sure Alan will know as with many others he takes his on holiday for the winter!

Maybe a little earner here for me then recon I could get about 15 scoots in for winter storage!!! And yes most of the vino has disappeared?


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I can recall that before we joined the EU, to drive in Europe you needed to obtain an International Driving Licence through the AA or RAC, I wonder if this will once again be the case when we leave EU ? It will be interesting to see what happens with Vehicle Insurance once we are out ? It is okay for now, being able to quote that EU Law states this or that, but if the people who voted for Brexit get their wish that we no longer come under EU Laws, what then ? Interesting times ahead !!!


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Problem is the referendum didn't give us any other options other than in or out.
So we now have a pro European prime minister taking us out of Europe whilst at the same time not having a clue how we want the exit to look like. If the referendum was conducted properly then we should have had a say in how we want ed to leave and a good time to do that second vote whilst we are at it.


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Unfortunately, right or wrong way of doing it or not, we have absolutely no say in what happens now :wasntme: We just have to wait and see what happens, who knows it could work out well in the end, we could end up 'out' of the EU, which 52% voted for, but still 'In' which 48% voted for, a win, win situation :thumb: BUT no voice or power to influence what 'they' do, but 'they' still have influence on what we do. A right buggers muddle but at least we got to have a vote eh ! :thumb: We really showed them Eurocrats in Brussels not to mess with us............ :rolleyes: