Council Tax and Full Timers


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i remember:D


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Everyone generates waste, uses roads and footpaths, libraries.
Agree on your first comment re: waste but not 'everyone' uses roads, footpaths or libraries. Their are many people that are housebound, or in care homes so be careful about making sweeping statements with words like 'Everyone' :thumb: welcome to the forum by the way, might be good if you 'Introduced' yourself and gave us a bit of an insight into who you are, your interests and/or experiences in Motorhoming.


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I meet people sometimes who when I tell them of my lifestyle, one of the common comments is "So you get away without paying ccouncil tax?" Sometimes it's with vicarious pride in my perceived achievement, more often than not it's with clear envy. The fact that they see me as avoiding a particulalrly hated tax is another reason some people don't want to accept us.

One of the things in British psyche is to put down those who have what you don't, instead of aspiring to it or respecting your choices.
In fact it would probably be cheaper to pay it than constantly move, however the constantly moving is part of the attraction of the lifestyle. Sadly a lot of British people are quite parochial and narrow minded still compared to other countries.
I'm proud to be British and find, as I progress down life's road, the type of person I can willingly associate with have become much diminished in this country. As you say, the narrow minded, NIMBY, types are far too prevalent. My true friend is my dog and the mountains and lochs of Scotland. I'm a Yorkshireman, by the way :)


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You picked that post up from a long time ago!!!!
I don't think much has changed since then!!!???( Regarding polltax)
We, like many from way-back don't live in our van now------ we have a piece of land in the Portuguese mountains------ and don't miss all that poll tax issue!!!!!!
When we first lived in our bus there were no computers to link everything together!!! Now wherever you are the computers can track you--------- sooo much different to the " freedom" we had back then!!!!
We first started coming to Portugal in the early 80s------ so much has changed------- that was before they were in the EU------- now we are leaving!!!!!