CB Radio

Jemima Hymer

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Hello everyone, I'm new on here & to this life style, Although i did drive trucks all over Europe for 17 years,
My question is does anyone use CB radios on the road, because they were a god send in the trucks to keep in contact with others, So if you had a problem you could call out & if anyone was in reach they could come & you.. Thanks


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not many use them these days .
but if traveling in a group cheap walky talkies work ok.
have cb here but not used it as there is hardly anyone out there.
think all the ex truckers have it but in a box just for keep sakes .
certainly if going ionto morocco best not show antennas etc they take the sets off you. give them back as you leave 3 months later.


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Don't think I have used mine for 15 years... still got it mind. Much the same as Alan in that I can't throw anything out.... going to have to soon.

Pinball Wizard

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Last time I turned mine on, there was no one on it, but I am rural.
Guessing it would be handy in a convoy, but legislation abroad is probably different than here.
Mine was illegal though, HyGainV.
Time moves on I guess!


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i have a ham licence and up till 3 days ago had a lovely sized yaesu ft450 ...turned it on to chat to europe.... and it just died on me .... never rains but it pours ahhh ??lol