Catch up?


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Hi all, since coming back from our 4500 mile summer tour the van has needed a bit of work, having had our lh side mirror smashed off the last week in france! New one fitted £150 and that was after scouring the web! Had to take toilet out as rinse water leak when using the flush, fault was easy and cheap new vacuum breaker, but pig of a job as you would imagine working through the cassette door! Had some mot advisory work done also, so its having a rest now for a while.

Our social life has gone mad since returning, son in law now recovered from his operation, friends round to hear our stories, granddaughter 18th today, brothers 80th next week, best friend 60th early Dec, had to attend my workmates funeral last week, still he made late 80s, as my elder brother says you know when you are getting old as you attend more funerals than birthdays! Xmas to get sorted next, seems never ending!

After the summer away really missed the scoot so have been charging around on that since home joined a forum and met up with a few others and had some good trips out, this is becoming quite a high interest for us now, quite intend to do some longer trips and weekends away, so much so that we have updated to a Suzuki Burgman 400! Some members tour home and abroad we will see? Trip to attend d day 19 is on the cards as 75th anniversary, anyone used Portsmouth to Cherbourg route any tips on discounts, can you get club discounts for bikes? course post brexit may raise some changes?

Guess it's that time for a lot of you to go south? Alan, Bob, Eric, Coola and many more, So hope you are all well and enjoy your trip keep us posted on your exploits! think we are done with the winter thing as not fulltimers will be tucked up at home, its only really Jan and Feb that are a real drag?

That's about it for now, stay safe and warm!


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We have been back since end of Aug start Sept. Got trouble remembering.
Also got our mirror smashed when stopped in France. Though have managed to glue it back as the glass stayed whole.
We put the house on the market on 7th Nov. Just wait and see what happens now.
Planning with the council has put us a year behind on our plans to travel (darn conservation man) Though it had to be done.
So won't be going South, you are welcome to call by if you're in the forest at any time..


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Hi Brian (and Jan), we got out here on 12th October and will be coming back to UK near end of March. Your life sounds too busy to fit in Motorhoming on a full time basis :thumb: Living life 'is' fulltiming', people just choose to live it differently ;) Enjoy your Suzuki :thumb: