Best online 365 European insurance?


Currently in Morocco with green card bought on border

My current UK insurance runs out in two weeks.

I,LL need to renew that to keep my road tax people happy when they take my direct debit.

So need to take out new insurance UK policy

After one with Max European cover as when I get back to Europe I intend travelling until sept. And also due to being in Morocco, I can not call all these long winded call centres.

So peeps, please help

I need an:

On line insurance company to get my 9mnths / 365 European motorhome cover.....


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Sorry to sound a little harsh but, have we not had this same discussion back in December when you were already in Spain ? I seem to recall that you were having difficulties at that time with finding appropriate UK Insurance to meet your requirements. I still cannot quite understand why your current U.K. Insurers will not renew your current Insurance, did I miss something ?

Daniel Beeson

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We couldn't find a single online insurer willing to just do it online, Comfort wanted to ask a lot of questions and eventually said they would not be able to do it due to the age of the vehicle we bought (limit was 2005 or newer), they suggested Adrian Flux who did eventually insure us but for an astronomical amount of money. Not wanting to be on the wrong side of the law so paid in full.

Side note:- this was European only and therefore didn't cover Morocco.


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Glad you got if sorted
Comfort told me 10 years or younger when I took mine out with them.i just scraped in with a 2008 model. Though you need to speak to them as they ask more questions.
I used saga for a few years before changing.
I think I said before that I only knew of saga that didi it on line but you needed a home post code.