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In about a week I am off. My house is sold and empty. My personal stuff is with a friend. My adress is with a friend. What I have is a Bus. An old Bedford fron 1966. As it looks from the outside. Everything is made new. Motor and the inside. It is a perfect home. For me. Now. So we are off. To Infinity. To Hell? To Heaven? To adventures that is shure. He´s big. He is named Motus or Motte if you are close, and he is 8 m long and 2,5 m. We do like eachother. Not only because he works like a clock with a Volvo diesel TD engine 5 l, but because he has a Sauna. In which you put real wood... and they burn... So we are on good turms. And I have what I need in any possibly way. As a home. As my new home Mr. Motus is giving me what I want. We though have a long way to go, to get this live of ours. So be. So shall be.


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hi . welcome . i used to have a bedford vega years ago . had a leyland power plus motor fitted .
and sundowners on here also had a bedford . so you are in old bus company .
mind i use the set up in my avatar now . have a good read of the threads and ask what ever ,or tell us what where you are going or been .
alot will be heading south to follow the sun soon . never know we might meet on the road somewhere . smile have fun and enjoy life . cheers alan.


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Welcome to the 365 life.
We also have a bus which i reconverted and are now on the road.We love the coach and the life of freedom .Been on the road since july 20th and will be in spain for our first winter adventure so hopefully wr may see you on the road:thumb:


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Hi and welcome looks a great buss any pics of the inside and the back? Is the back still intack or have you chopped a bit out to make a veranda ?
Wella decal is below if you so wish to display it on your moh just save it then open in paint resize to what you want and print in good photo quality. If you have time pop down to the overland show where 365 have its own spot and you can meet a few of the ancient order of 356ers and find what is before you many a long journey has started with a short step. Gramps merle and uncle Aiki will be there and I am sure you will be looked after with plenty of fun and games with some great prizes to be won. If you pm uncle Aiki he will put you on 365google maps so you can move your moho round the world on your travels.:thumb:

Details are just below;-

Hi Folks
It's official, that nice man who runs the Adventure Overland Show at Stratford on Avon has kindly agreed to our having a huge discount on the usual rates for cracking show and camping. Last year saw members from both 365 and Motorhomefun enjoy a fantastic get together so how about making it even better this year.
On your behalf we have negotiated a huge discount meaning that camping from 9.00 am on Friday 25th to 12.00 noon on Monday 28th September plus unrestricted entry into the show area on Friday and Saturday is only £35.00, for 2 adults. No extra charges for awnings dogs extra cars etc. Please note no electric hook-ups available on the show camping pitches. It will be possible to camp from mid day 21st September through to Friday am for an additional £10.00 per unit.
We have also simplified the booking procedure this year, simply contact me either via a pm on here, or text or telephone me on 07 586 046 306 for your booking form


:cool:Nice home . Welcome and have fun when you convert yourself it's as you want it not how the dealers say you need and costs far less . Ours is an ex library bus it ticks all the boxes for us . It's the fourth van we've converted so I think we got it about rite . Welcome once again .


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You wont get that feeling in anything other than a conversion could you.:thumb:


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all motor homes are conversions . just that some pay a fortune for a plastic shed on a what was going to be a builders truck. .it only costs about well minimum 20 grand to convert a builders truck into a plastic shed on wheels . some they call hymer and add a few quid . some are gaelic womblers and add a few more .
some are just alternative and are very nice . along with the nice owners .
Love it. That looks really 'homey' :)

I considered a conversion, but not being able to DIY put the stops on that idea. Mind you I love my Thebus, and I love the travelling life. No intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Up on the top of Hackpen Hill today just above the Hackpen White Horse. Views would be fantastic if it would stop raining :)


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That rings a bell i think we went there in our hymer.We had a holiday which incorporated the white horses a couple of years ago my wife loves that part of the world.
The sun has made an appearance here so we are about to go for a walk we are currently on a farm in derbyshire and heading for a canal in nottingham tomorrow on another farm possibly for a couple of days.Forecast says its going to buck up the back end of the week with high pressure coming in:thumb:


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First motorhome I've seen with a flux capacitor fitted and working. Well done! :)

(they are the future!)
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but do we have to back to it .
dont want to be anywhere near it when the lightning strikes . sooner be in the sun.


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I think we want to see more;)