Beaurocracy, It's a funny old game ?


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I always thought that the Country recognition stickers on vehicles were simply to identify what Country the vehicle was registered in e.g. D = Deutschland, NL = Netherlands, GB = Great Britain etc. So as long as your vehicle displayed the appropriate letters then it was legal. Well apparently not !! After the transition period, the GB emblem on the EU background will no longer be legal ? I have just purchased (from Amazon) two new number plate stickers to fit over the existing one's, the new one's still show the letters GB but now display a Union Jack emblem. Perhaps they should show the letters BG (Brexit Gone) :D So if the letters GB appear with the EU symbol then the rest of the EU Countries will not realise that the vehicle comes from the UK, it's silly beaurocratic things like this that made people vote to leave the EU !!


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Totally nuts, the lot of them......:banghead:


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Nice one eric