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yes edmonton . used to take tankers full of it up there. also used to spend time at buckhurst hill.
mind thats abit lower.


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I was gonna make a great funny comment, but my wife is here now so I daren't !


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OOooooowwww you know me so very well already!;)


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try changing to 2g on the network . sometimes if its on 3g or auto matic they dont work too well.

pelmetman & pelmetlady

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Now you've gone technical on me Alan:eek:..............I've just bought a 3G kindle for my Christmas present, just to get the free email facility and that took me ages just to work out how to turn it on:rolleyes:..................


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but kindles dont use dongles.
i use a dongle on the side of laptop or desk top. sometimes it keeps dropping out . i phoned orange . they said turn off computer. then back on ,as it comes in after you press for internet . go on network page switch 2-3 g or auto . cant tell you more than that. i have only ever used a dongle or got free internet from antenna . havent had a land line for years . kindle seems expensive to me . not too good on the eyes as well . have looked at them.
i dont do xmas . in fact i try not to spend much on anything . except trucks n motor bikes hee hee.


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Last year I toured Wales from Tenby to Anglesey from mid January until June. I then went back and toured from Harlech to Aberaeron from August to November.
Each time I find a wild camping spot I add it as a POI to my TomTom, including what type it is and whether you can get mobile internet there.
Is there a way of getting POI's off a TomTom to some other usable format does anyone know?

Wandering Star

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    1. Create a new POI category:
      1. On your navigation device, tap Manage POIs from the Preferences menu.
      2. Tap Add POI category and then type in a name, for example "Favourite POIs".
      3. Tap OK.
      4. Select a picture as a marker for your new POI category.
    1. Add your Favourites to your new POI category:
      1. In the Manage POIs menu tap Add POI, then select your new POI category.
      2. You can now add your home address and Favourites.
        You can also add a phone number for each entry.
    1. Copy your new POIs to your computer:
      1. Connect your TomTom device to your computer and start TomTom HOME. When asked if you want to connect to the computer tap Yes.
      2. Click Manage my device and then select the Items on device tab.
      3. Click on the plus icon next to Points of Interest and select your POIs by ticking the box.
      4. Click Copy items to computer.
    1. After your new map has been installed, transfer your new POIs:
      1. With your TomTom navigation device still connected to your computer, start TomTom HOME.
      2. Click Add Traffic, Voices, Safety Cameras etc. in the TomTom HOME menu.
      3. Click Items on my computer.
      4. Click the plus icon next to Points of interest and tick the box next to your custom POIs, for example “Favourite POIs”. .
      5. Click Add.Your custom POIs are installed on your new map.
Navigate to your "Favourite POIs":
    1. Tap Navigate to... in the Main menu on your navigation device.
    2. Tap Point of Interest.
    3. Select your new POI category from the list, for example "Favourite POIs".
      If your new POI category isn't shown, tap the arrow to go to the next page.
    4. Select a POI from the list.
  1. I C&P'd this as it was what I did a few years ago and worked fine!


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Mark mutters something incomprehensible under his breath about English emmets masquerading as Cornishmen online.