1. Kirkie

    Looking at Trading my Tabbert Caravan for a Hymer/RMB Motorhome

    I have seen a late 80s VW LT 2.5 TD RMB motorhome for sale, just wondering how the VW LT compares to the Mercedes 410 from the 80s era. I feel it must be better built than the Fiats, after having a Ducato and literally rebuilding the whole motor home including gearbox and engine. Thanks Kirkie
  2. Robin McHood

    A Thanks to Snowbird

    This is just to say a big thank you to Snowbird who first sent me down the path towards our RMB. Completed the sale today after three years of searching and all done on the Internet from my ship in Thailand. Can't wait to get home on leave and go pick up "Rolling Home"