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  1. vortex

    My proper full time living prison truck conversion by bad karma konversions

    lovely looking truck and well designed ... you say its about 6 tonns weight ..... i hope you dont mind me asking but whats the M.P.G like on something like that ?
  2. vortex

    Sprinter van conversion.

    sorry to hear about your dad and mrs mate ..... me and mine are on the verge of a split AGAIN ..... ben van hunting but nothing has caught my eye as yet, hoping to get a part built and modify it to how i want it ... have to say tho, yours does look good .... imm partial to the look of...
  3. vortex

    Decision made!

    hi there Gerry and the very best of luck to you ... im slightly younger than you and about 8 miles down the road lol ... any idea what type of van you will be looking for mate ?
  4. vortex

    summer sun tour

    i havent been a member here for too long, just read this post and have to say i enjoyed reading about your escapades in various places ... sounds fantastic ... makes me want to save even harder for MY van now .....:thumb:
  5. vortex

    The start of something exciting!

    what size of van are you looking to get ? i think i will be after something like a merc lwb sprinter..... iveco daily or a merc vario 614 sized van
  6. vortex

    Putting a toe in the water

    wow look at those views ... pouring down with rain here hasent stopped for 3 days ... im not jealous at all lol hope your having a brilliant time folks :thumb:
  7. vortex

    New Home :)

    nice looking van mate .. whats the mpg like on it ?
  8. vortex

    size and weight

    ok ........... perhaps i dident word this correctly ... to insure a van as a camper is fine , i understand its a different insurance for if you live in it 365 days of the year ...... what i mean is this ..... is there a certain time limit you would need to NOT live in the van to get the...
  9. vortex

    size and weight

    hi folks ... i was wondering what weight would be over the limit for a normal mot station /. i can drive up to 7.5 tonns but this got me thinking... with all the woodwork, cookers , beds etc in the back it would be ivvegal for me to drive if it took it over the limit ... i suppose the...
  10. vortex

    we have done it at last

    congratulations folks ... wishing you all the very best ...:thumb:
  11. vortex

    CB Radio

    i have a ham licence and up till 3 days ago had a lovely sized yaesu ft450 ...turned it on to chat to europe.... and it just died on me .... never rains but it pours ahhh ??lol
  12. vortex

    The start of something exciting!

    hope your feeling better now ... i had a back operation that allmost left me paralised for life ....cant do much for any length of time anymore .. including work ... hence the divorce inprogress !! get well soon ...
  13. vortex

    The start of something exciting!

    hi there. sounds like you are doing exactly what im planning to do in the very near future... no van as yet ... but im looking...all new to me but i was a builder for years and years so it should be aok .. will be converting it myself so it will probably take time ... worth it in the end tho...
  14. vortex

    all new to me

    hi folks, what can i say ... im in south wales and love the idea of living full time in a van ... divorce on the cards ( shes taking EVERYTHING ) and the price of renting is totally out of the question as i have a damaged spine and unable to work , so cash is very very limited ... no van...