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  1. Pinball Wizard

    Seen on Facebook Fair Travels and Fine Times have turned their 5th Wheeler over

    As the title says 5th Wheeler blocking the motorway in Spain on its side. Poor people! I’d be crying!
  2. Pinball Wizard

    Might interest some

    I don’t use Facebook much but I was tagged in this. It might interest some of you!
  3. Pinball Wizard

    Clothes washing

    Can we share techniques here. I use a large Trug then agitate with my feet, as if I was crushing grapes. Done similar in shower’s whilst washing, when back packing. Thinking of buying a Scrubba bag, Google it if you don’t know what I mean. But they are small! They get good reviews though...
  4. Pinball Wizard

    I found this amusing blog, shame it ended.

    I enjoyed this blog. Maybe others will too. An example! What I want, is not what I need. We are trained to want. To need. And yet what we desire the most, is in fact not what we need. Why do we need the latest gadget, to fill our...
  5. Pinball Wizard

    Perusing the old threads, old names, are they still on the road

    I have been looking at some of the old threads. I came across familiar names from years ago! I wonder how many still are on the road. Has anyone come across them recently? An example, a Dutch couple, Bert and Antoinette, they had a dog Rubio. They used to have a beast of a unit, towing a...
  6. Pinball Wizard


    I am not new to fulltime living, although as I text, I now live once again in a house. The house is for sale though and once again I will be living in my motorhome. A Hymer 584, towing a trailer, with my toys! 30 years probably, off and on, I have been living in vehicle’s, mainly to live...