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  1. John and Joan

    Our Classic and much sought after 1992 Mercedes, Hymermobil S700. For Sale

    Classic and much sought after 1992 Mercedes, Hymermobil S700. I imported from Germany in December 2006 with one previous owner, and 147,000 Km on the clock. Now reads 271,000 Km (169,500 miles). Just had its annual service and a brakes overhaul. Bar Version. 3 swivelling Captain's Chairs, all...
  2. John and Joan


    Some kind sole has just posted this on another Forum I thought with the number of new members popping in it would be wise to show what a Cable looks like after it has overheated. WARNING, unwind your cable completely and this won't happen to you.
  3. John and Joan

    Controversial new campervan law - Spain THE VALENCIA regional law for campsites and campervans is to be changed to enable councils to build or permit specific parking areas for campervans. It will also allow them to elaborate their own bylaws to regulate parking...
  4. John and Joan

    The End is Neigh

    Of fulltiming that is. We have just had word that we have a flat in Darlington.
  5. John and Joan

    Murcia Government recognises the importance of Winter Motiorhomes
  6. John and Joan

    Registering to Vote as a full timer

    Registering to vote with no fixed address You can vote and not have a UK residence . We have just done this. It was all done by email and it took minutes to do. We come under "Living on a boat or other moveable residence". All the info is available online as are the forms and link to find...
  7. John and Joan

    365s meet up in Spain

    We were parked minding our own business this morning and who should drive past us but Alan and Bob. They parked up not to far from us. While we were sitting having lunch, Coola walked up and introduced himself. He is parked not far from us in the other direction. We being unsocial...
  8. John and Joan


    Had a text this morning. He is near Alicante. Just in case you though he had dropped off the radar.
  9. John and Joan

    North Yorkshire Ban Confirmed

    The decision, in respect of the proposed prohibition of overnight (11pm to 7am) parking of motor caravans, various streets in the Borough of Scarborough, was taken by David Bowe, Corporate Director - Business and Environmental Services in consultation with Executive Members, County Councillors...
  10. John and Joan

    Warning to all A-Frame users Read this thread on MHFun. There is a safety issue involved.
  11. John and Joan

    Testing the breakdown service AGAIN!

    Well today we are sitting at 1028m ASL at Mora de Rubielos in Spain. Yesterday we went to go to one of our favourite stopping off spots on the route home and just at the top of the hill approaching it, the brake pedal went rock hard. I controlled it with gears and handbrake into the stop, but...
  12. John and Joan

    Full timing information

    Info from Their copy write is acknowledged. The Right To Vote Registering to vote We were recently emailed by a member asking how continuous cruisers can vote in a General Election. Some might not be aware of how this can be done...
  13. John and Joan

    The Scourge of The Height Barrier

    The Scourge of The Height Barrier Height barriers have been erected to combat the effects of unauthorised camping, however it is not clear if it is legally permissible that such barriers can be erected to deny access to those who have a legitimate entitlement to use such sections of the public...
  14. John and Joan

    Have you had a private parking invoice?

    This may be of interest even if you have already paid it. Why I'm suing all UK parking companies. Help by sharing. Quote: I'm not some mysterious parking enthusiast with a vendetta against the parking companies. I have two First-class Law degrees from Cambridge (at Bachelor's and Master's...
  15. John and Joan

    UK Satelite TV in Europe.

    Just a post to say that UK ITV and CH4 together with some other channels are possible in good, clear, still conditions on our 85cm Oyster dish and Freesat box just above Torrevieja. (Guadarmar del Segura) Conditions are very hit and miss. Cloud and/or a slight breeze can cause the picture and...
  16. John and Joan

    B2B chargers WARNING

    We had a Waeco 40 amp B2B fitted in December 2011 just before our trip to Italy to get the Gasparini Generator repaired at the factory. We ran into bad weather in southern France and Northern Italy in January 2012 and we were using lights heaters and wipers. We stalled at a toll and found...
  17. John and Joan

    Heading for Spain Again

    We are at Dover ready for the Tunnel tomorrow (Saturday ) 8:20 crossing. We will again be winding our way down through France and hope to be down to Cartagena towards Christmas. Allan are you going to be around? Give us a text as we wont be online much. John & Joan
  18. John and Joan

    Price of gas in Spain on the El Portus website on 20th May 2013

    Posted on the El Portus Website on 20th May 2013 by Colin. The price of a bottle of Repsol Butano gas has now reached the dizzy heights of €17.49. The Government is seriously concerned especially in the light of all the cuts they've had to make recently. There is a plan being prepared to...
  19. John and Joan

    Price of gas in Spaind on the El Portus website on 20th ay 2013

    Posted on the El Portus Website on 20th May 2013 by Colin. Sounds like Autogas may soon be the better option to a Spanish bottle. John
  20. John and Joan

    Licence Renewal at 70

    Well 70 is almost upon me. I received my new licence to 2016 from DVLA this week. I had my eyes tested when I came back (after 6 months of continental travel) in March. Had the medical on 19th April with my own doctor and sent the forms off the next day. I have read often that people give...