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  1. Dunroamin

    Moskito killer

    Just write yes.5 yesses and I will entertain you with the ultimate moskito thread.
  2. Dunroamin

    Anyone interested in Miskito killing device?

    Just write yes.5 yesses and I will entertain you with the ultimate moskito thread.
  3. Dunroamin

    I am sorry,we only have instant

    Having again been invited by Brits for a coffee and Ms immediately saying "sorry we only have instant".I dont know if I just look like someone who drinks real coffee or they say that to everyone.I have never asked. I dont drink much coffe but Heike does and reckons cup for cup real is cheaper...
  4. Dunroamin

    Viva Paloma

    Still at Ricote.Every Saturday they let their racing pigeons loose,one female and 40 or 50 brightly painted males,the idea being to make them attractive to the female. The bitch landed on our roof !!!!!
  5. Dunroamin

    Address for quadrocopter in Spain

    I need an address for a delivery of a quadrocopter in the Murcia Aguilas region in Spain.
  6. Dunroamin


    Parked up on aire at Ricote near Murcia. Packed earth ground but looked like it would be a bit iffy if it rained.Water and dump gratis as is internet from local restaurant with a decent wifi antenna. Lovely views but at 300 metres above sea level when the wind blows at this time of year bl**dy...
  7. Dunroamin

    Canoeing and fishing

    I know there are a few fisherpeople out there but Big Momma is the only one that I know of who has a canoe (do you get any use out of it?) .Will be leaving Germany next week to head thru France ,Spain and on to Portugal. Now has anyone got"Top Tips"for either or both? Licenses are not a problem...
  8. Dunroamin

    The birds are gathering

    Another 3 weeks then heading South.Have sold the silkscreen side of the business but holding on to the engraving and signwriting cos we earn a few bob in Spain with them .Brexit and the pound, every shilling helps. Sending Heike ,her sisters and mum off to Milan and La Scala for the weekend and...
  9. Dunroamin

    Definition of a Mistress

    Something inbetween a Mattress and a Mister! We just bought our third matress in 20 years.Given that when fulltiming or not approx 1/3 of your life is spent on one there never seems to be much discussion on the topic.We started with Heikes latex mattress cut down to 120cm and it served us well...
  10. Dunroamin

    Passport Application When Abroad

    Have any of you applied for a passport while travelling abroad?
  11. Dunroamin

    Look What You Have Done

    1 Pound = 1.067 Euros , hope all you outers are happy now that you have brought the Pound to an all time low!!
  12. Dunroamin

    Farradays cage

    So , here we are at Niederkirchen by Diedesheim on the moho aire , last couple of days 26 to 30 degrees.Today thunder , lightning , rain and hail. Our nearest neighbour 30 metre got hit on his satelite dish by lightening. So after the storm abated he wound up his metal legs at the back and...
  13. Dunroamin

    The Day of the Cobra

    We are south of Aguilas parked up on one of the places favoured by wilders.One of the places is along beach with a small hill with ruins on it at one end,there parks the Frog with a very lifelike cobra peeping out from under his moho.(its not real).Someone takes a pic of it and calls the police...
  14. Dunroamin

    Mercedes La710

    Type in"mercedes la710ïn google,click on first photo in the row of 4,follow the links till you come on all photos then find photo number 1 and another with the rear view and guess why they took the rear view photo.We know the photos were taken five years ago when we visited Alan but not sure but...
  15. Dunroamin

    Yipee,sort of.

    Well, found three OTG cables on the Souk , secondhand.One mini usb,one micro usb and another that I dont know.Back to the truck ,micro no problem with usb stick and external hard drive but after downloading the app for the gps I am not winning any prizes.I will spend today googling but I dont...
  16. Dunroamin

    On The Go

    Without peeping in Google how many of you know what an OTG cable is? In the meantime it looks like the Costas are a bit wet. We have plenty sunshine but also a bit windy.Check out""for weather reports it also has a cute feature that you can use to follow the clouds and see where they are...
  17. Dunroamin

    Mussels,scallops and octopus

    Heike back from her hunting trip along the beach,nice big octopus as pressie but mussels and scallops collected and la plancha tonight. Fresh from the Atlantic.Icut of the octos ink sack and a knife between the eyes and it was still wriggling.
  18. Dunroamin

    babes in the woods

    JUst come down from over 1,000 meters from Tafraoute to South of Tiznit where we saw a lot of Frogs coming out of the Souk carrying new blankets so I suppose that they are on their way up.Zero degrees in the night but just ok during the day.1 Euro for the night. Back to the topic! Met 2 English...
  19. Dunroamin


    Arrived safe and sound,now in Assilah and 4 months wobbly juice intact thru customs,they seem more interested in firearms,had sniffer doggie in truck.Internet still 100 Dirhams a month (9 pounds) On one of the very few campsites we visit,60 Dirham with wifi,lekky and hot showers.Wll stay a few...
  20. Dunroamin


    I fitted dreadlocks to the door but the flies still seem to get in?