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  1. Silver Drifter

    The Wirral

    Two for you to have a look at here. Whilst they aren't proper wild spots, they are free overnight parkings. 1) Wallasey There is ample road side parking along the sea wall just off the A554. Great views of shipping coming and going and a long beach to walk along (wind permitting!) 2) Parking...
  2. Silver Drifter


    Whilst not being a wild camping site, the lorry/bus park can accommodate large units and it's only £1.50/24hrs! It's opposite the police station so as safe and secure as anywhere else. A 10 minute walk will get you to the shops, 10 more (not stopping in any) will get you to the sea front. Out on...
  3. Silver Drifter

    South Devon

    I'm down at Plymouth Yacht Haven marina (Shaw Way, mt Batten) to help deliver a boat up to Oslo. I asked if I could leave my van on their car park and they said of course, at £5/week! Right on the waters edge and there are showers and toilets! Result ☺
  4. Silver Drifter

    'Summer' 2014/15

    Soooooooo, I'm looking for ideas, otherwise it's back to Aguilas again.....where are you guys going?
  5. Silver Drifter

    Re-importing a vehicle into the UK

    Hi guys, has anyone else had this problem? As I have been out of the country for over 12 months I had to export my van which I did without any problem. I didn't stay in any one country long enough to import it into that country, and now wish to return to the UK. I e'mailed DVLC for advice and...
  6. Silver Drifter


    Hi Guys This chap has gone missing in Andalucia - maybe you've seen his rig?
  7. Silver Drifter

    'Summer' 2013/14

    I was merrily making my way down the Spanish Med coast to winter - or as Vdub would have it - to 'summer' in Maroc as I did two years ago, when I was overtaken by a strong urge to stay in the Town of Aguilas. Anyone here? I have now signed a 6 months rental agreement on an apartment here - not...
  8. Silver Drifter


    Going there in a couple of days. Anyone been? Good place to moor up for a day or two? Must see/Must do?? Cheers guys
  9. Silver Drifter

    Spares, sundries, bits and bobs etc.

    Sorry if there is already such a thread......I must have missed it....... Does anyone know where I can buy Frankia spares from? (rear light cluster) I've tried both Brownhills and Cranford but neither have a web shop where I can browse and see the one I'm looking for. Cheers
  10. Silver Drifter

    Cleaning materials

    Hi guys - sorry if this has been covered - I guess I should have checked the forum first:confused: Can anyone recommend a good carpet shampoo? I've tried a couple but they weren't much good. Must learn to remove muddy shoes before climbing in.............Doh.............
  11. Silver Drifter

    The Silk Route

    Hi guys have any of you driven the Silk Route? If so any information would be appreciated as I'm looking at driving it in the Spring- cheers
  12. Silver Drifter

    Driving in the Balkans

    Hi Everyone, I'm in Greece as I write with a view to travelling to Morocco mid November. Plan 'A' was to go to Brindisi and cross Italy into France but I have just returned from a short visit to Albania which I really enjoyed. My question is - whats it like driving up through Albania and the...
  13. Silver Drifter

    Wintering in Turkey - information required please

    Hi Guys I'm currently in Southern Greece (Porto Heli) and am debating whether to do Morocco or Turkey over winter. Any advice, tips etc gratefully received Cheers SD
  14. Silver Drifter

    Yassou y'all

    Hi Everyone I'm a newbie and have been full timing since March 2011 in my Frankia i6900. I did a couple of months in Devon/Cornwall and drove down to Porto Heli Greece where I am now. I love it. Everything!! I'm starting to look towards 'winterisation' -for me as well as 'Frankie' - any advice...