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  1. vwalan

    another lovely uk winter wonderland

    so how many of us are spending winter in this lovely wonderland this year? cornwall is getting quieter now and there are loads of places to get a free night stop. did get uite busy in october and the first week of november but it seems quieter now. still a few motorhomers in the campsites...
  2. vwalan

    summer holidays .

    are you all having a great summer holiday? its lovely down here in cornwall. not quite as busy as the normal summers . was busy with the st ives thingy and newquay area got busy with the board masters compo . but there are loads of places with camping places still available. had a ride out...
  3. vwalan

    summer holiday

    so are you all getting ready to be off some where. never know i might go into england for a trip around. might just stay here in kernow . not sure if i have to have a covid jab etc to go up into england . lots will be coming down here i think. will be like old times when northerners came...
  4. vwalan

    spring is on its way.

    well soon be a great time for having fun. had a nice short m,bike ride on monday. and today had another bit longer version . daffodils are out ,snowdrops and primroses in flower ,makes it a great ride out. hedges that were cut back are now starting to grow and lots of young lambs in the...
  5. vwalan

    merry xmas

    hope you all have a good time and have fun. never know next year might be a good one. smile enjoy life and be happy.
  6. vwalan

    soon be that time of the year.

    wont be long and it will be a new one. wonder if life will get worse or better once we move into next year? been nice down here though . not so busy but lots going on. good surf and quieter in the water. pubs open if you need them etc. lots of m,homers around think most are trying to escape...
  7. vwalan

    could be nice weather on the way.

    was great here today. had a 56km ride out on my little dax m,bike and it was great. lots of traffic on the main roads but quiet on the lanes and single track roads. could just make out the sea north and south from up the road from my village. there was a bit of mist out to sea but on the way...
  8. vwalan

    looks like back to normal on the roads

    does seem like its normal on the roads round here . lots of m,homes and caravans on the move . riding out around the coasts seems campsites etc are filling up ok. all thats needed now is some lovelly sunshine. bit cloudy today but warm enough to go on a m,bike ride out. lots of trucks going...
  9. vwalan

    are we all smiling and happy?

    as the thread says are we happy? had a bit of rain to water the garden past 2 days . nothing much here . hope your all looking forwards to traveling soon. does look like it might be different where ever you end up traveling to though. been cracking down here though nice sunny untill yesterday...
  10. vwalan

    soon be time

    well soon be uk as a single place to be. never mind best make this year the travel to eu as a leaving wave. can others see the immanent confusion thats on the way? mind it has been getting a bit expensive in eu for food etc ,uk does seem like one of the cheapest places to live in europe. used...
  11. vwalan

    are we having a sunny xmas?

    well it looks great out there at moment. sun shining and lovely blue sky. lets hope this is going to be the way, bring on global warming. hee hee. its amazing how much plant life etc are sprouting new leaves etc . got quite a few catkins starting to show in the country hedges . anyway have a...
  12. vwalan

    nice n sunny

    so what lovely weather we are having at the moment. . might even be that summer as actually arrived this year. the hedges etc are looking grand , flowers etc in full bloom. bring on the global warming if lifes going to be so nice.
  13. vwalan

    things for sale etc

    well it does seem some try hard but i dont think anyone wants to buy. never mind . been a bit quiet on here , have you all decided what you want for xmas?
  14. vwalan

    grommet did his tricks

    thanks its all working again . lets hope all the members give you a thanks as well.
  15. vwalan

    quiet, but that coolla might be back in a minute or two.

    hello coolla hows you? rain today here . but we need it to water the plants .hee hee
  16. vwalan


    just seen that 7 members are on here at one time so hello you can say something . hows your day been ? are you going away this winter? go on your turn.
  17. vwalan

    here you go!

    one for someone to convert comes with lots bits to start you off . not a transit lover myself but could be worth a try. always swap things over to a later vehicle in a few years . mind cant see a...
  18. vwalan

    hello bm

    i was actually going to start one saying big mamma will be here in a minute but your here . hows life treating you? hope you arent annoying customers . hee hee .
  19. vwalan

    a coola bus for sale

    here might...
  20. vwalan

    very quiet have you all gone asleep. or left the country

    well been back a few days and its very quiet on here . come on what as happened to the fun and banter. lets hope it will be back to usual soon .