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    rapido 986m

    enjoy the sun my freind...its freezing over here in britain....
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    rapido 986m

    hiya mate,,,it was a gamble..when we had the hymer s700 i was in touch with john and joan..he had the same model and was a wealth of info...half of me want another s700 but theyre getting on a bit unless we go to germany and pay for a nice one...hope your ok mate..
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    rapido 986m

    lots of views at
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    rapido 986m

    hi all..does anyone run one of these please...just looking for the future..i like the fact its on a merc sprinter frame and engine,,,cheers....take care
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    Hi all

    welcome to the; soon find your feet with park4 the night app.wild camping, which shows cheap sites .pub stops and the wife used to live in a german s700 hymer,we mainly stayed on a site near our work and it worked well.then hoildayed with our home all over...
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    not what we do this for

    not what we do this for
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    soon be that time of the year.

    hope we all have a great xmas and a happy new year.its going forwards so hopefully by febuary we,ll be in a much better place...i can then go on my lpg course as it got cancelled and then hopefully get a new motorhome the dream...
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    hi mate,,,hope all is well in sunny cornwall....were comeing to cornwall in september for a few...

    hi mate,,,hope all is well in sunny cornwall....were comeing to cornwall in september for a few days in a static as we dont have the hymer anymore,but i,m saving for a new girl to live you live buy a pub that allows motorhomes stop overs for future referenced,,i think a few years ago you...
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    thetford c260 toilet

    hi thanks,,,went under the unit and the cog that turns the toilet was in a different position so cranked it around and all good..last time i fixed his fridge..and his gas hob,,,all in a good day,cheers
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    thetford c260 toilet

    hi guys,,i have a freind who lives in his caravan and some sod robbed his gas bottles,,he works for the nhs as a blue light driver,,i sorted him a new bottle and fitted it for him and ran a chain down under the axle to the bottle to stop that happening again,,whilst there he said his toilet will...
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    looks like back to normal on the roads

    in oxford..polution rising,traffic as busy as ever
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    pilote galaxy 91...on a 2003 reg

    Hi all ,,delving back into the full timeing with any luck in the comeing months ahead....does anyone know if this model has a winter floor or double floor..or does anyone have one on a mercedes chassis and have knowledge or experience of one....hope everyone is safe and sound...i,m takeing my...
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    camping apps

    hate face book,,got one for buying parts but bot my real id,,,did it years ago when we lived on our s700 hymer,,,got all my info of john and Joan,,,,bless them,,cheers for the upskill advice..will put it out on the site when i can do certs,,,regards
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    camping apps

    cheers mate,,currently in a crappy flat but looking to build a new live aboard..i,m a plumber and gas man so will have a good go,,,been watching lots of utube,,greg virgoe ,indie project,,,going to camp quirky october,,cheers for advice,,,,takeing my lpg for motorhomes november so i can then do...
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    Full time site for small campervan required. (anywhere)

    good luck mate,,we found a small cl and lived and worked out of it for a few years,,loved it,,now in a flat i hate,,but got a plan for a van so at least a project...keep looking and keep dreaming.its only you who can hold you lucky
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    camping apps

    but thats paid sites isnt it?
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    camping apps

    anyone got any good apps to share regarding wild camping and parking,,apart from moonfriut and park4 the nite,,cheers
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    hymers again,,,,am I mad

    i,m in the club just thought someone as kind as john and barbara might have there words of wisdom,,cheers
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    hymers again,,,,am I mad

    hi all..we used to have a s700 bar version like john and barbera,,we had it for 2 years and loved her but circumstances changed and we went land side....finally got my head around it and going to go fulltimeing again,,,ive seen a b544 for sale,,needs paint job and tidying,,,does anyone hace any...
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    hi bud long time since we last chatted,,,,been looking at a peugot 2.5 diesel hymer,,its a...

    hi bud long time since we last chatted,,,,been looking at a peugot 2.5 diesel hymer,,its a small b5dd after our old s700....any thoughts on these mate,,just had a cam belt done with receipts,,not to much on the advisorys except marker lights and upper lights not working,,could be...