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  1. Easyliving

    Where are they now?

    Sitting here in lockdown and feeling slightly bored I got to wondering what has become of some former regulars on the forum. It seems even some top posters have not been seen for years now. Many others make one or two posts then disappear forever. The forum is often very quiet these days. Paul
  2. Easyliving

    Waiting for the big speech

    Boris is expected to announce on Sunday that some of the lockdown restrictions will be lifted, starting as early as Monday. We are really hoping that some campsites will reopen and temporary holiday sites will be reinstated. Although we have a lovely pitch in a campsite in Norfolk we are...
  3. Easyliving

    Drive to Spain in 2020?

    We spent 7 weeks on a site near Dénia in Spain this year. Luckily we left just before the Coronavirus outbreak. We liked the site so much we booked to stay there again, planning to arrive just before Christmas this year. It’s looking unlikely we will be able to take the van to Spain later this...
  4. Easyliving

    2020 Insurance

    I have just renewed my full-time insurance for the van with Comfort. Gone up £100 to about £960, still less than some pay. I thought maybe prospective full-timers might find this info useful. Paul
  5. Easyliving

    Nice stellplatz - Germany, Geisingen.

    As the forum is a bit quiet I thought maybe I would post details of the stellplatz we are spending a few days on. It’s €9 a night to stay here, less if you stay for more than one night. Electricity (cheap) is extra and water is €1 for 100 litres. The pleasant town is 3 minutes walk and they...
  6. Easyliving

    Another year's insurance sorted.

    This morning I renewed my fulltiming policy with Comfort, hardly gone up since last year. I count myself lucky to have paid 'only' £860 for the year, I know many pay a lot more. Paul
  7. Easyliving

    Using the 'ignore' button....

    No doubt forum visitors have noticed the spam posts that have appeared on this forum recently. I have only just discovered the 'ignore' button - just select the posters user name and choose ignore, all those items for sale you really wanted to buy just disappear. Paul
  8. Easyliving

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    Although I do visit this site quite often i haven't posted for ages, time to put that right. The wife and I are still fulltiming in our van, nearly 2 years this time. We were supposed to be in Spain for the Winter, had the ferry booked etc but we couldn't go alas. Hope everyone has a happy and...
  9. Easyliving

    Insurance Renewal

    Potential fulltimers might be interested in the cost of full time insurance. I have just renewed my full time insurance with Comfort, premium was £845. From what I have heard this is not a bad price at all! In the non-fulltiming days though I used to pay less than £300. Paul
  10. Easyliving

    Not long now.....

    By the end of this month the wife and I will both be retired. We have lived in the van for the past year or so, on a site. As we have had electric hookup all that time we have not been cold at all, despite sub zero temperatures outside. Ours is a British van so no double floor etc but it is...
  11. Easyliving

    Seasonal pitch for another year...

    My wife and I live in our van on a seasonal pitch (all year) on a very nice campsite in Norfolk. I have just been over to pay for next year, a lot of money but it works out at about £6.45 per night inclusive. People don't seem to realise we are full timing because we quite often disappear on...
  12. Easyliving

    Fulltiming costs

    Many prospective full timers seem to be interested in how much it will cost to hit the road. I notice that has a post detailing how much they spent on their recent 8 month trip. There is a lot of detail, you can read all about it here. Paul
  13. Easyliving

    Motorhomemail is no more......

    We have been using the motorhomemail forwarding service for a few months now and it has worked out fine so far. Apparently though, motorhomemail has not attracted enough customers and we are being transferred to the more successful boatmail. This is okay but boatmail is about 50% more...
  14. Easyliving

    Wifi booster

    We are on a site which offers free wifi but unfortunately the wifi is very flakey, not helped by one of the repeaters being out of action. A couple of days ago someone gave me one of these BT wifi boosters and it has worked a treat so far. We don't get blistering speeds but its okay for...
  15. Easyliving

    Staying registered with your GP - result!

    I wrote to our GP's surgery a few weeks ago to tell them we were going to be fulltime in the van and away most of the time travelling. I got a letter from them to say we had been removed from their list as we don't live within their catchment area. I have just been to the surgery to sort this...
  16. Easyliving

    Fulltiming again

    We have been back in bricks and mortar for almost 4 years, but not much longer! Today I sorted out a seasonal pitch we can stay on and organised some super cheap storage for our furniture. So, its all systems go again, just got to get insurance sorted out and we will be good to go. Paul PS...
  17. Easyliving

    (almost) Fulltimers costs for the year

    How much people spend when fulltiming is always a popular subject and I notice that Ju and Jay of the blog have just given details of what they spent in 2016. These two have spent most of the last 3 years touring Europe in their van, hardly any time spent in their flat back home...
  18. Easyliving

    Useful Wildcamping Database

    Looking at the excellent blog today I notice they have uploaded details of their favourite wildcamping spots. There are over 900 locations listed, could prove very useful. Paul
  19. Easyliving

    Fulltimer video blog

    While me and the mrs are still living in bricks and mortar I do like to read the occasional motorhome blog. I recently found this one on Youtube. Its pretty good and covers subjects as diverse at working as a campsite assistant, travelling to Spain and cooking bacon for your sandwich in the...
  20. Easyliving

    Hope to have another go at fulltiming

    Hi We only lived in our van for about 11 months, in 2012, before my wife decided she needed a base and we have been in bricks and mortar ever since. Now the prospect of my retirement is on the horizon (May 2018) she is talking about taking off in the van after that magic date. We are up to...