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  1. Easyliving

    could be nice weather on the way.

    According to the ‘forecast’ we could see the mercury climb to 30 degrees on Sunday. We are on a busy site near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk until the end of October. Paul
  2. Easyliving

    Medical Assistance

    Yes, we just don’t know what is going to happen. When staying on a site in Spain late last year / earlier this year I had a nasty fall. The site staff called me an ambulance and at the hospital I had every test you can think of and several stitches in the cut on my forehead. I had only my EHIC...
  3. Easyliving

    Fridge, advice needed

    Hi Dee I am certainly no expert but as far as I know, fridges only work on 12 volt when the engine is running and you need gas to run the fridge when stationary. Paul
  4. Easyliving

    Hi all

    Hi Welcome to M365, and good luck with your project. Paul
  5. Easyliving

    2020 Insurance

    We are lucky in that we have never had to make a claim. We had wing mirror damage in France last year, luckily our dealer fitted a pair of mirror guards for about £80, covered up the large hole in the mirror casing. Paul
  6. Easyliving

    looks like back to normal on the roads

    We went to the National Trust site at Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire yesterday. We used mostly the A11 / A14, seemed pretty busy to me. Paul
  7. Easyliving

    Full time site for small campervan required. (anywhere)

    We have been on a pleasant CS near Downham Market in Norfolk for many weeks. Like Coola we were allowed to stay once lockdown started, we are supposed to be ‘security’. We have bookings at several CS sites from 4th July onwards. Although it’s very pleasant here we are looking forward to a...
  8. Easyliving

    It's Still a Bl**dy Shambles...........

    Yes, I ‘report’ every day via the ZOE app, it seems nearly 4 million people do! Paul
  9. Easyliving

    are we all smiling and happy?

    Glad to hear all is okay with you Alan. We are still on a site in Norfolk, we have booked several sites next month. We have just come back from getting some lpg at a place in Downham Market. Paul
  10. Easyliving

    Where are they now?

    According to Motorhomefun Dippingatoe is, sadly, deceased.
  11. Easyliving

    Where are they now?

    Sitting here in lockdown and feeling slightly bored I got to wondering what has become of some former regulars on the forum. It seems even some top posters have not been seen for years now. Many others make one or two posts then disappear forever. The forum is often very quiet these days. Paul
  12. Easyliving

    are we all smiling and happy?

    We are a bit bored with where we are although it’s very pleasant (and cheap). My mrs was just looking to see when we can go and stay on an Aire in France - not for a long time it seems. Paul
  13. Easyliving

    are we all smiling and happy?

    Yes, okay. Just about possible that motorhome owners might drive out for a picnic or whatever, but who is going to faff about with hitching up a caravan?
  14. Easyliving

    are we all smiling and happy?

    We have been for a lovely walk in Thetford Forest this morning, very green and beautiful. I wonder where all the caravans and motorhomes are going. Here in Norfolk all the sites are closed. Paul
  15. Easyliving

    Waiting for the big speech

    We have a couple of bookings lined up, the first is not until 4th September but I supposedly have to pay them the balance (about £350) later this month. Even more optimistically we are booked to stay on a campsite in Spain for Christmas.
  16. Easyliving

    Waiting for the big speech

    I think it’s called ‘clutching at straws’, we know it’s going to be a while before things get back to normal. We were discussing how campsites could open again. I suppose the facilities could stay closed and just let people pitch up. Paul
  17. Easyliving

    Waiting for the big speech

    Boris is expected to announce on Sunday that some of the lockdown restrictions will be lifted, starting as early as Monday. We are really hoping that some campsites will reopen and temporary holiday sites will be reinstated. Although we have a lovely pitch in a campsite in Norfolk we are...
  18. Easyliving

    are we all smiling and happy?

    Cheapest box of red (5 litres) I found was last year in France. Spanish plonk in Netto was about €5.50 - won’t find that price in Tesco! Paul
  19. Easyliving

    are we all smiling and happy?

    €7 a box! You must be rich! Paul
  20. Easyliving

    are we all smiling and happy?

    Like I said, I am an old timer and have been getting my state pension for a couple of years. They pay the pension every 4 weeks and this month I get mine today and at the end of May. Last time I bought red wine (in France) I paid €8.25 for a 5 litre box! Paul