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    Wish there was another big football match

    We travelled on the m5 /m6 when England last played in world cup and the roads were lovely and quiet ,so wish they could do same again in September so can take another trip up the m5 m6 car parks !
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    NC500 totally over run.

    We are on our forth visit to the Highlands and shocked how buzy it is with motohomeing . Over the recent years it has quite rightly become More popular but we are shocked how many motohomes and campervan's there's hear now. A large number are on rental (very scary to see the lacking in...
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    Italian trip in October

    I have now retired and we are taking a extended trip to Scotland next week but are planning to go to Italy in October for 6 or 8 weeks for a late bit of summer heat. Will be travelling though the tunnel ,any help and advice be very appreciated
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    NC500 map

    Hi all we are taking a long hall trip around Scotland this June again and am looking for a copy of the NC500 map , tried to get one last year but could not find any. Can any one help.
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    Carlisle camp site

    We are travelling up to Scotland later this week and looking for a stop over at Carlisle on way can anyone recommend a site near m6?
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    Drive away awning help.

    We have a movealight pro carbon given to us with our van but is missing the roof poles. I have bought a set of universal poles but have no apex pole connect parts any help on dimensions or where we can buy a set the awning is unused but now I understand obsolete. Any help be appreciated.
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    Is it goin get difficult

    Our house now finally finished and up for sale and have agreed a price for our next motohome. But I wonder is our first trip fulltimeing goin become difficult in Europe when Brexit has been finalised?. We shall spend sometime turing uk and Scotland but eventually will want do Europe. What's your...
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    So dreary

    Im looking out from our sitting room window hear in the not so sunny and wet south Devon dreaming of the sun . its so over cast hear I can't see normal views across the valley to haytor on Dartmoor but am dreaming of the day we can stop working jump in van and be in hot /sunny place for all...
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    Help with Dunlem topper

    Has any one got or tried a dunlem foam topper for their motohome?We are looking for a good double topper but the Dunlem looked good but some reviews don't. Help !
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    We've down sized ,have you?

    A number of years ago I converted a Renault traffic van into a day van with a drive away awning and went tenting. But soon wanted a motohome and made a big leap to a swift bolero FB and to start with were very happy but then soon became obvious to us the size was to restrictive for places to...
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    Hope have done right thing

    We are part exchanging our older autosleeper talisman for a much newer Ford Duetto .It is still planed to go full timing when we've finished renovating our bungalow and to sell and go but I just hope the Duetto will be big enough for us.I think we'll need to be very minimalistic with what we...
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    out or in

    How I wonder will it affect motohoming in Europe we come out of three European union.
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    jet stream

    So all this continuous bad weather is down to the jet stream? Is this a El Niño year or is the planet goin through a cycle.
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    mind is now made up

    We are contemplating putting our bungalow up for sale in new year and down sizing fully retiring and going full timing, Life's to short
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    what a view

    Am parked on the sea front in torbay it's windy sunny and cold but enjoying a cupa in the van with the grandchildren .
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    wow that was a windy day

    Just back home after a windy windsurfing day think goin do same tomorrow if my bones will take it or may just park up on the sea front for a cupa!
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    Hi all

    I'm new to 365 but bin motorhoming for 6 years now and love it !