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  • hi bud long time since we last chatted,,,,been looking at a peugot 2.5 diesel hymer,,its a small b5dd after our old s700....any thoughts on these mate,,just had a cam belt done with receipts,,not to much on the advisorys except marker lights and upper lights not working,,could be bulbs....paint needs doing over time as faded like the old one used to...take care
    dont really know much about them. i do think the newer vans of most makes seem to be alot of trouble with modern computer stuff. hard to say these days . the older ones still fetch a few bob .
    if its ceap might be worth having a go.
    Hi Alan are motorhome is now beyond repair, was looking at trying to find a truck like yours looked on ebay for mitsi but could not find any what would I put in search
    hey there, i hope to make your acquaintance in the allowed 425 characters:
    our nearest pub is the Bugle, what are the odds!
    we are sold up and hope to live a life on the road and off grid.
    we wondered if we could pick your brain in exchange for beer.
    Fancy a beer?
    Liz x
    Hi, I saw the pic of the rig and wondered if you are the chap I was talking to bout 3yrs ago. My names Jon we currently tow a twin axle swift, if I'm wrong please accept my appologies
    Thank you for advice - I will most likely take this route. Go to Granada on Monday - really excited - Cheers
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