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  • Hi Alan are motorhome is now beyond repair, was looking at trying to find a truck like yours looked on ebay for mitsi but could not find any what would I put in search
    hey there, i hope to make your acquaintance in the allowed 425 characters:
    our nearest pub is the Bugle, what are the odds!
    we are sold up and hope to live a life on the road and off grid.
    we wondered if we could pick your brain in exchange for beer.
    Fancy a beer?
    Liz x
    Hi, I saw the pic of the rig and wondered if you are the chap I was talking to bout 3yrs ago. My names Jon we currently tow a twin axle swift, if I'm wrong please accept my appologies
    Thank you for advice - I will most likely take this route. Go to Granada on Monday - really excited - Cheers
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