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    Another year's insurance sorted.

    Hi Paul, I've got off the dubious pleasure next month.. WRT Green Cards, are you expecting a charge? I was toying with going to maroc last year but they wanted a lot of money for the card....
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    Decision made!

    Three or four years ago, I was chatting to a young Dutch chap and he maintained he only ever drove for an hour or so each day......I couldn't see the point until quite by chance I did the same coming up through France......suddenly I was converted to it! I then met a Brit ex-pat couple who said...
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    In the planning stage

    Re meds, I buy my meds over the counter in Spain, cheaper than chips for your average Lininipril/Amlodopine/Simvastatin. Not so easy in France, where I've been asked for pescriptions in some pharmacy's and yet have been served in others. I usually get a repeat pescriptions before I leave to see...
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    Decision made!

    What to do all day...... Well, the first thing to adapt to is that multi-tasking is a swear word! Secondly.......slow one task per day and don't work on tasks all day....I found it quite hard at first as I also used to run my own business and was on the hamster wheel 6 days per...
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    Decision made!

    Hi both and welcome. When I was looking for a van, a guy who had owned one for a few years strongly suggested a rear wheel drive, plenty of stored water and a Merc if you see one.....I followed his advice and in 6 years of driving in circles around Europe and Marroc I wouldn't change...
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    You'll soon get used to it......when I bought my van, also a left hooker- I hadn't even sat in the driving seat......when I did (to drive it home) I almost bricked it.....!!
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    Travelling at last

    Hola guys, Heading south there's Gran Alacanta, la Marina, cabo de Palos, la Azohia literally dozens of places down along the coast. Happy wilding☺
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    Cooking without oven?

    This evenings meal. Moroccan mince on a bed of fragrant rice and a chilled Rosé followed by freshly picked fig drizzled with honey and a heap of Greek yoghurt. It doesn't need to be all about pies n pizza
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    What do you fulltime in

    One for Alan...?
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    Cooking without oven?

    I feel your pain! My van is German and doesn't have an oven either. I've got used to having an appetising range of curries, paella, stir fry, sausage n mash, stews etc etc. However I saw a Balti pie in a Euro Spa and couldn't resist it......I had it with oven chunky chips (cooked in the frying...
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    summer sun tour

    Anyone down on Lefkas Island Greece? O M G how hot is it tend to forget even though I used to work out here sailing. The fridge is working as hard as it can but the Mythos is still only just about's hard, but hey-ho........
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    In search of summer sun?

    The weather in mid France is very consistent. mornings followed by an afternoon thunder storm. Made a slight mis-judgement yesterday and got caught out about 2oom from my van......I jogged the first 150m but then my calf muscle popped and I ended up in pain hopping the last 50m getting...
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    N roads in france

    I drive through France 4 times a year, and apart from a couple of local weight restrictions (as mentioned 3.5 tons usually) there doesn't seem to be an issue. I've driven through villages in Normandy convinced I shouldn't be there, only to look in my mirror and see a 42 seater tourist coach...
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    In search of summer sun?

    Blimey, seddon atkinson....that's a blast from the past! I've just read the wiki piece on them - very interesting and well remembered......