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    I am sorry,we only have instant

    Less import duty on Romanian dogs since the 2015 Dalmatian Convention :)
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    summer sun tour

    Be interested to hear how you get on with that toll free route, Brian. Enjoying reading your thoughts on Germany :thumb:
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    Happy Christmas

    Ditto. Been a while since I've seen some 365'vers but wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year! :party:
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    Tell HMRC your new address and they will let everyone (government) know.
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    Western motorhome show

    Almost decided to do Malvern but headed north instead. Brian, are you dressing up for the occasion? If anyone spots a scooter and two Stetsons zipping down the road... :-)
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    wanted to go full time but not this way

    Welcome, Bill. The darkness you're feeling will pass with time and the positives are that you have your motorhome and you have started full timing. So it's not all bad. Good bunch on here who always have an opinion - helpful or not! :-)
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    Hello again!

    Missed you Alan, we've been in Javea a while and would have popped up to say hello.
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    Some help or advice please

    When you say you looked at the fuses at the dash end, did you look at the fuses in the engine bay too? I think that's where they are for that van. If not a fuse then reseat the relay, also in the fuse box if I remember correctly.
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    Winter sun?

    Snap! Just come in from a pleasant afternoon sitting outside people watching, drinking tea and eating Christmas cake :)
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    Winter sun?

    Been nice here. Went and watched the surfers, wandered around the town, bought some tinsel, Pat trashed a Chinese Christmas tree and then home for lunch. Sun came out after lunch and I sat outside for a while. Lovely ;-) Tomorrow might be a different matter :rofl:
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    Do I need road tax if full time abroad ?

    Yes. You won't be legal in (almost) any country without the car taxed in the country of registration.
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    Welcome, Annie. :thumb:
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    Mina de Sao Domingos

    Maybe a new aire has opened near by? Seem to have been plenty opening over the last few years and once they have somewhere for them to be, they seem to be "encouraging" motorhomes to use the new facilities. It was only a matter of time.
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    toilet choice

    You used to have to drop a dead cat into a new cesspit to get it "going" again (or was that cider making (or both!)) so maybe a small rat in the motorhome cassette would do the trick??? :-):nerd:
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    Mina de Sao Domingos

    That's a shame, we had a nice few days here. Although it looked as if most of the other motorhomes had been here months. The guy in the unusual 5th wheel type caravan looked like he'd been set up there for years :-) Nothing like a bit of hospitality abuse to cause problems tho, is there?