Living Full-Time in a Motorhome – An Increasingly Popular Alternative Lifestyle

Living Full Time in a Motorhome

The view from a Full Timers motorhome
should always be good!

No one really knows how many motorhome fulltimers there are in the UK and Europe. The majority of the general public have no idea what the world ‘fulltime’ even means, if you explained that it means living fulltime in a motorhome, many would associate you, at least in the UK, with Pikey’s or Gyp’os;  which are derogatory terms given to itinerants.  Most people know there is a big difference between genuine Gypsies and those other travellers that have such a bad name as mess makers, squatters and thieves. But for many the traveling life from gypsy, circus traveller or in fact anyone who lives in a home on wheels is a bit mystery and must involve scrap metal.

However the truth if far from the public perception which is all palm reading and lucky heather.  While people have lived on the road since there were roads; its the modern motorhome that has spawned a lot new travellers. Proper kitchens, lounges, fixed beds and showers are common in most motorhomes along with other conveniences such as solar panels, satellite TV and easy internet access. These modern motorhomes have made it so much easier for people to hit the road in search of adventure or at least escape the drudgery that often comes with conventional living, buy living full time in a motorhome.

Fulltiming does not mean that you retire from work, and while plenty do, an equal number carry on working, they might use their motorhome to follow seasonal work or with modern day communications use the motorhome as an office and work from it. Whether you need to work or not. The fulltimer can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at very little cost. Not many people can live right next to an ocean or right adjacent to a swimming pool or swap one beautiful living location for another at a moments notice.